International Student Admission at AP Goyal Shimla University Flow ChartA P Goyal Shimla University (AGU) is a home for students from more than 25 countries. They are provided with homely atmosphere and education standards at par with any international University. The admission process for the International Students is as follows:

Rules & Regulations:

These rules are framed to formulate the procedure to be followed in this University for eligibility and admission of foreign students to various courses.

  • Foreign Students coming into India are required to possess a valid passport of their country and valid Indian Visa .The only exceptions are nationals of Nepal and Bhutan who can enter India without a visa.
  • To study in India it is mandatory for an international student to procure an Indian Student Visa.
  • Applicant need to mention the name of the University while applying for the visa, which is then mentioned on the visa.
  • Also, if you have entered India on the basis of documents provided by the university then it is your responsibility to ensure that you directly join and report to the University. The Visa endorsed on the name of the university or obtained on the basis of University documents cannot be used for any other purpose like employment, admission to any other university/college/institute/academy etc. or for non-regular (distant/online) mode of education.
  • After reaching the university students have to get the visa verified by the university and have to deposit a copy of valid visa.
  • After that student has to do the registration in FRRO within 14 days of arrival.

Important tips before travelling:

  • You should carry sufficient funds (for two-three months) for your initial living expenses. You should ensure that the airline ticket is correct and the travel itinerary is accurate.
  • While traveling keep your passport (with valid student VISA) with you at all times.
  • Ensure that you do not carry another person’s luggage with you or leave your own luggage unattended.
  • Do not keep valuable articles viz: camera, computer, money, TCs, air tickets, credit cards etc. in your booked luggage but carry them in to your hand baggage
  • If you have any medical problem/allergies or ailments ensure that you have an updated case file to be carried with you while you travel. In the case of a medical emergency the treating doctor can provide better medical advice by having access to your case file.
  • If you are on medication take enough of your antibiotics along with the doctor’s prescription.
  • See that all academic and other certificates are laminated and filed to avoid any damage. Also carry English translations of your certificates.
  • Take a set of photo copies of your all documents including your student VISA and a copy of offer letter for reference and keep these in safe place.
  • Keep at least a dozen copies of your passport size photographs ready as you might need them.
  • Ensure that you and your belongings are covered with proper insurance.
  • Try to learn and know as much as you can about India, its customs, culture and about your institution. You may visit &
  • On disembarkation, go to immigration checkpoint and complete the formalities.

Essential items to carry:

  • Warm clothing (sweaters and Jackets)
  • A few Formal wears (Can be used for presentation, seminars etc.)
  • Quilts, 2 Bed sheets, pillow with covers.(Or can be purchased in India as well)
  • Perfumes, deodorants, manicure set (nail cutter etc.), toiletries (Tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving kit etc.) – ( Check your Airline website for restricted items)
  • Pair of formal shoes, sport shoes and slippers.
  • Antibiotics- if under any medication (Doctor Certificate Required)
  • Stationary like a pack of blank CD’s, pens, pencil and 2 notebooks or pads.
  • A dozen passport size photographs.
  • Mobile Phone (GSM) unlocked- SIM card type (only if required) SIM card can be purchased at any supermarket, general store or fuel station.
  • Your favorite music-video CDs.