Prepare for a thrilling journey into the world of media and mass communication, where your career aspirations will take flight. At APG Shimla University’s School of Media and Mass Communication, we offer a unique and enriching education that propels you towards a future filled with both glamour and financial success. Whether you’re interested in print media, electronic media, or digital media, our esteemed professors, including industry experts from renowned media houses and the film industry, will guide you toward realizing your media dreams.

Why Choose Media and Mass Communication at APG Shimla University?

  1. Outstanding Syllabus: Our curriculum is meticulously designed to meet the demands of tomorrow’s media landscape while preserving the foundational knowledge of the past.
  2. Integral Communication Skills: Our program equips you with essential skills for today’s and tomorrow’s communication professionals. This includes critical thinking, ideation, writing, public speaking, and effective use of multimedia tools such as photography, audio, video, virtual reality, content creation, and editing. You’ll also gain proficiency in fact-checking and harnessing data analytics and artificial intelligence for media application.
  3. Exceptional Faculty: Our distinguished team of professors, assistant professors, associate professors, and media professionals bring decades of experience from reputable media brands like The Indian Express, The Tribune, All India Radio, government public relations departments, and the film industry.
  4. Blended Learning Model: At APG Shimla University, we embrace a blended learning approach. Alongside traditional classroom education, we incorporate immersive technologies, live media projects, news gathering, documentary filmmaking, debates, seminars, interviews, and interactions, which are integral to the learning process.

Why Choose Media and Mass Communication/Journalism at APG Shimla University?

  • Journalists Turned Teachers: Our faculty includes seasoned journalists and media professionals, offering a unique blend of practical experience and academic insight.
  • Comprehensive Skillset: Master the art of writing, audio and video production, immersive media, photography, public speaking, freelancing, social media marketing, and digital marketing. Learn not just the technologies but the skills to adapt to rapidly evolving technology.
  • Varied Career Opportunities: Our programs open doors to diverse career paths, including digital media publishing, social media entrepreneurship, print and TV journalism, radio broadcasting, copywriting for advertising, documentary and news writing, public relations, video editing, media entrepreneurship, media academic research, and more.
  • Immersive Media Studio, Campus Radio & Community Radio: Our dedicated facilities provide hands-on experience in news production, scriptwriting, video editing, news reading, program presentation, documentary filmmaking, and lecturing.
  • Internships & Training: We offer structured internship and training opportunities in Shimla, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and beyond, thanks to our collaborations with major media houses in print and electronic media.
  • Media Entrepreneurship: At SOMMC, APG Shimla University, we nurture media entrepreneurs, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of our students. Our degrees prepare students for a wide range of communication professions, including corporate communications, PR, content writing, and media research.
  • Job Placement Support: We provide comprehensive job placement support through referrals, job placement fairs, media festivals, and more. Many of our graduates have secured positions in renowned national media channels, newspapers, magazines, and multinational companies.
  • Alumni Success: Our alumni have excelled in various prestigious organizations, including ‘National Geographic Channel,’ ‘India Today Media Group,’ ‘Aaj Tak Media News Channel,’ and regional news channels.
  • Eminent Faculty & Visiting Experts: Our faculty’s experience, exposure, and extensive networks set us apart. Core faculty members are practicing professionals in the mainstream media and media academics, with specialized subjects taught by visiting experts.

Join us at APG Shimla University’s School of Media and Mass Communication and embark on a journey of media and mass communication excellence. Your future in the dynamic world of media awaits!

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