Which one is better: MBA Finance or MBA Marketing or MBA Human Resource?

The feeling of getting an admission in a reputed Business school is unparalleled. Those tiresome nights of solving difficult questions have ended. But, there is one more decision to make – Your specialization. The most popular specializations are Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources. All of these specializations are offered at the AP Goyal Shimla University (APGSU), the top MBA in Finance college in Himachal.

MBA colleges in Himachal Pradesh like the APGSU offer all the three specializations and others. If you are confused and want to make this daunting task easier, read on. In this article, we will discuss the above-mentioned specializations and which one is the right choice for you.

  • MBA in Finance

This specialization focuses on making and reviewing financial decisions for the organizations. Some of such courses include Business Accounting, Derivatives Management, Corporate Finance, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Financial Risk Management, etc.

At the APGSU, the best MBA in Finance College in Himachal, you will be gaining knowledge in fields such as finance, data analysis, and financial accounting. It will teach you to ensure that the organization is not short of financial resources. This program is for students who have good analytical skills and a passion for numbers.

  • MBA in Marketing

This specialization is all about the sale and marketing of products and services offered by a company. You will be making decisions regarding advertising, communication, public relations, etc. and helping the brands promote their products and build their images. Your job will also include making strategies in order to promote the products and services of the company through different online as well as offline channels.

During the Marketing course at the APGSU, one of the best MBA in Marketing colleges in Himachal Pradesh, you will be studying subjects like Customer Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, Pricing, Marketing Analysis, Relationship Management, Retail management, Market-oriented Strategy Planning, etc.

  • MBA in Human Resources

In this specialization, you will get an understanding of the issues surrounding human resources and learn how your knowledge can be applied in different organizations. The HR program at the APGSU, one of the best MBA in Human Resource Management colleges in Shimla, apart from the traditional classes, you will be studying courses like human resources management, total compensation, ethics, international HRM, learning and development, and workforce trends. As an HR graduate, you will be using your knowledge for ethically and effectively hiring, training, compensating, retaining, and managing a workforce.

Some believe that if students have an economics graduate, they will do better with Finance specialization. However, this is not true. Your academic background or your work experience has a negligible effect. How well you do in your field will depend on what you learn during the two years of your college. There are no requirements, only a zeal to learn and a college that can help you with your career.

At the AP Goyal Shimla University, top MBA in Finance college in Himachal, we help students develop intellectual and entrepreneurial abilities so that they can rise above the norm. Our goal is to promote value-based education and influence best practices for the students. Through functional learning methods, we are able to groom the students and enhance their professional abilities. So, if you are thinking about taking up an MBA, visit the official website of APGSU to know more.

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