Prof (Dr.) Rajender Chauhan
Vice Chancellor ​

Wake up to a fresh approach to learning. Students of Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University are expected to work smart and hard. Lectures, Group Discussions, Seminars, Tutorials, Live Project Assignments, Real Life Case Studies and Visiting faculty sessions are part of the weekly schedule. Experts from International Partners Universities conduct specialized sessions to enhance your motivational level. Prof. (Dr.) Rajender Chauhan, Vice Chancellor believes that team work is key to active learning. Students are encouraged to participate, debate, contribute, share and collaborate. In the beginning of the session, all students are put through a foundation course to identify and work on their developmental requirements. The ongoing research being carried out at various partner universities of Europe & Asia, as well as the close linkages with industry ensure that the staff and faculty members are aware of the latest developments. New technologies and developments are quickly incorporated in the curriculum and the course ware updated to fulfill the changing needs of the industry.


Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University offers a diverse range of innovative study programs and courses in the fields of Engineering, Design, Law, Hospitality & Hotel Management, Sciences, Management, Journalism, Commerce and Humanities. Over the years, Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University has established a growing legacy of innovative thinkers and an exceptional standard of academic achievement. Today it is considered to be one of the leading educational hubs in the region. All programs are tailored to meet the industry needs and the emphasis is on teaching theories and their applications in a practical framework. Online tools are extensively deployed to facilitate the learning process. All this renders a positive learning experience like never before and translates your dream of a successful career into reality.