Forensic Science at APG Shimla University

In the thrilling realm of forensic science, where the intricacies of crime meet the precision of science, APG Shimla University proudly presents its School of Allied and Healthcare Sciences. Here, we offer a unique opportunity to explore the captivating world of forensic science through our B.Sc. (Hons.) Forensic Science and M.Sc. Forensic Science courses. At APG Shimla University, we are committed to nurturing not just knowledgeable students but also well-rounded individuals.

Bridging Science and Crime:

Forensic Science is the bridge that connects various scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, psychology, and social sciences to the intriguing world of criminal methodology and investigations. It’s a field where knowledge plays a pivotal role in solving crimes and bringing justice to those who seek it. Our courses at the School of Allied and Healthcare Sciences are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Forensic Science, equipping our students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in this fascinating field. Research-Driven Education: At APG Shimla University, we believe in nurturing not only the academic growth of our students but also their research capabilities.

Our commitment to research is evident through various aspects of our programs:

Major Research Projects:
In the seventh semester of their studies, students undertake major research projects, allowing them to delve deeper into the subjects they are passionate about.
Professional Internship:
In their eighth semester, students embark on a professional internship lasting six months. This hands-on experience is a crucial step in preparing them for real-world challenges.
End-Semester Training:
By the end of the sixth semester, we provide specialized training to ensure our students are well-prepared for their future careers.
Autopsy Demonstrations:
As part of our commitment to practical learning, students have the opportunity to visit hospitals for autopsy demonstrations, gaining invaluable insights into forensic practices. This research-centric culture at APG Shimla University has not only cultivated the intellectual curiosity of our students but also led to remarkable achievements.
A Remarkable Success Story:
Mridav Thapa, one of our standout students, secured a coveted position in the Summer Research Fellowship program offered by the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi; National Academy of Sciences Allahabad; and Indian Academy of Sciences Bengaluru. His selection among the top 100 candidates nationwide was a testament to his outstanding research project.
Publishing Excellence:
Our students are actively engaged in sharing their research findings at both national and international levels. They have contributed to the world of forensic science through research and review publications. At APG Shimla University, we take pride in shaping the future of forensic science and crime investigation. Our commitment to academic excellence, research, and practical experience sets our students on a path to success in the fascinating realm of Forensic Science. Join us and become part of a legacy of excellence at the School of Allied and Healthcare Sciences, where the keyword ‘APG Shimla University’ represents a commitment to knowledge, research, and a brighter future in the field of Forensic Science.

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