School of Legal Studies & Research

Xi Jinping (China), Barack Obama (USA), Mahatma Gandhi (India) and Tony Blair (Britain) – all these internationally acclaimed leaders have one factor in common – a Degree in Law. There are a few professions that can offer you grace and respect in the society. Being in a legal profession is one of them. Law can be best described as a traditional profession, where you get to know the path to lead your life the legal way and become responsible citizens.

Law is involved at every stage of human life, right from purchase to renting a house and marriage. No wonder, many political as well as corporate leaders all over the world possess a degree in law among their other qualifications. Students at the School of Legal Studies, Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University, are instilled with a strong basic foundation for legal knowledge and aptitude, and are implanted with a practical skill set that not only helps them build a sturdy career ahead, but also makes them aware of the ethical values that they themselves and people around them should follow to be so called as the responsible citizens. To maintain our position of being recognized as the top university for legal studies in North India, we have built a very strong team of highly qualified faculty members that comprises of solicitors, barristers, judges, with decades of experience in the legal sector, who are not only the best persons to teach the legal education to the students, but also help inculcate skills to face real-life cases with their own, personal and professional experiences.

All our law courses are practical and case study-based, designed specifically as per the globally acceptable, professional standards. The unique combination of experienced faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, and industry-driven top-notch course content, makes our law graduates stand above the level curve, even in the times of the stiffest competition.

Programs Duration Total Fees** Tution Fees Other Fees Program Structure (PDF)
PhD-Law Min 3 Years 80,000 per year 32,000 per year 48,000 per year Download PDF
Master of Law 2 years 1,00,000 per year 40,000 per year 60,000 per year Download PDF
Bachelor of Law 3 years 1,00,000 per year 40,000 per year 60,000 per year Download PDF
Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Law (Integrated) BALLB 5 years 1,00,000 per year 40,000 per year 60,000 per year Download PDF
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