School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Every human being needs education because it brings out the civilized nature in them which separates them from the wild and dull animals.

Hospitality, in Indian civilization is an old concept which is being taught at home, whereas the modern concept is more of travelling and exploring new cultures, food, adventure with the help of science and technology.School of Hospitality and Tourism Management started in the year 2012. Our main focus since has been to inculcate and transform young individuals into successful hospitality professionals with a blend of theoretical instruction, maximum practical knowledge and various internships. They are then provided with real industry placements that allow them to learn the industry first hand beyond the walls of their structured classes.

This real world experience is invaluable in helping them understand the theoretical concepts they have learnt within a working environment; it also allows them to build significant industry networks.The hospitality industry is diverse, dynamic and has endless opportunities which permit one to move across the globe. It enables them to explore, visualize and experiment new things which gives the opportunity to start- up an enterprise and utilize the skills and the knowledge gained.

We give students opportunities and a platform to showcase their ability and interest in different competitions held within the department and in the country. Workshops, food fest, seminars are held every year where we encourage students to know their potential and capabilities and also boost their confidence and create leadership skills.With a degree in the hospitality management, there are many different types of careers that can be pursued. Many companies have begun to favour candidates with relevant education. Opportunities in the hospitality sector include—hotels and restaurant, airlines, cruise liners, tour operators, banks, sales and marketing and not to mention self employed.Our USP has always been 100% placements from year one where we place students in good reputed 5star category hotels. We have also started with abroad internships, giving students the opportunity to know the hospitality sector overseas. With the students having expertise in both national and international they become more aware of the work culture, adaptation and excel with pride.

‘We commit, We deliver.’

APG Shimla University

Programs Duration Total Fees** Tuition Fees Other Fees Program Structure(PDF)
Master of Hotel Management (MHM) 2 Years 80,000 per year 32,000 per year 48,000 per year Download Now
Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) 4 Years 90,000 per year 36,000 per year 54,000 per year Download Now
Diploma in House Keeping (HK) 1.5 Year 70,000 per year 28,000 per year 42,000 per year Download Now
Diploma in Front Office (FO) 1.5 Year 70,000 per year 28,000 per year 42,000 per year Download Now
Diploma in Food Production 1.5 Year 70,000 per year 28,000 per year 42,000 per year
Diploma in Food & Beverages (F&B) 1.5 Year 70,000 per year 28,000 per year 42,000 per year
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