School of Fashion Design

School of Design is dedicated to offering fashion education that is industry specific, our course curriculum have been designed in accordance with both international & Indian standards and delivered by the experts.

Our course is a mix of traditional trade practices with modern methods that is updated with the latest technology.

Our course provides immense exposure to the students which includes visit to export houses, design house and fashion industries to give students real life experiences.

We provide Our Students different platforms to showcase there talent like Fashion shows, Exhibitions and workshops etc.

Best practices of School of Design

  • Fashion shows –International platforms like Summer festival Shimla in which we showcase different cultures of all over world
  • Exhibitions – In which students can create anything and sell them so that they can earn for themselves
  • Industrial visits in export houses and manufacturing units.
  • Guidance by Fashion designers and industrial experts
  • Industrial internship to each student on different specializations
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Hobby Classes for students, local females of this area
  • Workshops on best use of waste material to create different items for decoration.

Career Prospective

Design students can opt for

    1. Export Houses/ Design Studios
    2. Retail and Fashion Houses
    3. Fashion Coordinator/Brand Manager
    4. Fashion Merchandiser/ Product Development Manager
    5. Fashion Buyer
    6. Quality Control Manager
    7. Design Consultant/ Stylist
    8. Fashion Photographer
    9. Fashion Editors and Journalists
    10. Design Critics
    11. Fashion Illustrator/ Creative Director
    12. Costume Designer
    13. Trend & Forecast analysts
    14. Academician
    15. Entrepreneur

Courses offered by School of Fashion Design