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Yoga is both a Philosophy and complete Science of Ancient India. It is, therefore is a backbone of Cultural Heritage of or Great Country. The message of physical, mental, social intellectual and spiritual wellness has been passed to the humanity by Saints and Sages of Oriental times of India. Today the world has recognized its peace to maintain health, peace and harmony globally. To motivate and inspire the people of all walks of life, many NGOs have come up. The diploma in Yoga Studies allows you to become professionals all over the world.

Indian music has a very long and continuous tradition, which has accumulated its heritage over the centuries. It is an indispensable part of the activities of man’s everyday life. It is a spontaneous outcome of the human feelings and emotions in a melodious and rhythmic manner. Where words fail, music successfully conveys. Music plays a significant role in the lives of human beings. Indian music has developed within a very complex interaction between different people of different races and cultures. It appears that the ethnic diversity of present-day Indians has been there from the earliest of times. History of Indian music unfolds the verity that music gradually changed in shape and form. The geographical conditions in India and the cultural complex of its people have throughout remained important determinants in shaping its music. Indian music also changed its shape by external influences.

Theatre as an art form is a part of world heritage. It has a well-documented history which can be traced back thousands of years. Studying theatre is almost studying the history of the cultural heritage of the world. Theatre deals with human relations as existed in a particular age and mirrors it through the art form. So, to know about theatre is to know about the traditions, customs, manners and behavioral patterns. As an art form, theatre evokes finer sensibilities among human beings. Its major concern is to discuss human relationship in extremely sensitive movements; no other art form portrays human concerns so delicately yet so strongly. Theatre can be studied as an experience, viewed as an entertainment and performed as an instinct of human behavior.

Programs Duration Total Fees** Tution Fees Other Fees Program Structure(PDF)
Diploma in Yoga Sciences 1 Year 50,000 per year 20,000 per year 30,000 per year Download Now
Diploma in Performing Theatre Arts 1 Year 50,000 per year 20,000 per year 30,000 per year Download Now
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