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Introduction to School of Fashion & Textile

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Amidst the evolving trends, if there’sone industry that has been consistently gaining immense popularity, then that certainly has to bethe fashion industry. Today, fashion has become the major medium of self-expression and its popularity is rapidly rising in the country. With the advent of high-tech textiles, the fashion industry is now exploring new horizons of success, and as such, the fashion and textile based educational courses are gaining more and more importance as a means to make a career in the fashion industry.

The fashion and textile industry offers a great scope to learn, explore, and evolve with the ever-changing global concept. This is why there is a strong need for creativity and innovation within the industry. While so many aspiring designers strive for reaching greater heights, many fall short of it, and that is primarily because of unavailability of access to the fundamentals that are required to shape their career in the fashion industry. Such aspiring creative talents need a well-established platform that would not only provide them with the domain specific knowledge, but also help them pave way to the fashion industry.

In that direction, the Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University, has been playing a major role in shaping the career of many fashion aspirants from all across the nation. We at, Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University, by means of our degree program in fashion designing, help students explore their creative talents and improve their skill set, while also exposing them to diverse theoretical as well as practical aspects of working in the fashion industry.

We believe that success lies at the juncture where talent meets knowledge. And, hence, besides providing the students with a comprehensive professional education, we also strive hard to bring out the best of their creativity skills and talents in the field of fashion by providing them constant exposures to the fashion industry by means of fashion shows and other fashion related events. The ultimate goal is to nurture and raise creative professionals and help them remain tuned to the demands of the global fashion industry.

Courses offered under our School of Fashion & Textile:

Fashion and textile studies are way beyond than simply designing clothes. Basically, a student’s creativity is what gets them workout successfully in the domain. But it’s all about providing the basic platform that would fuel one’s creativity and talent. Being one of the top universities in North India, the Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University provides a dynamic and progressive education that meets the very needs of the evolving fashion industry. Our fashion designing program, i.e. Fashion Designing, has been diligently sculpted to make the students successfully embrace the future of the fashion industry, andthis is what makes us, the Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University,standat the global forefront of fashion education to foster next-generation designs, techniques, and standards.

Course offered


B.Sc in Fashion Designing

3 Years

Program Structure : 

Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University always strives to deliver quality education that meets the global standards. Working in the same direction, we have always remained committed to a holistic way of education that equips students with thorough knowledge, skill set, and practical understanding of the industry and also serves to carve their creative thinking abilitiesthat help turn their creativity into innovation.

Especially, since in the field of fashion designing, creativity holds a special significance, that is why,we have designed our fashion designing program in such a way that it aids to bring out the most creative side of every single student enrolled for the course. Being recognized as one of the best universities for fashion and textile studies, we impart professional knowledge coupled with field experience and training to enhance the student’s creativity and talent multifold. The program contributes to learning of commercial viability along with design solutions and creative fashion.

No doubt, there is an immense need for creative experts in the field of fashion, textile, clothing, dyeing, textile management and fashion technology. The program has been, hence, designed to meet the growing demands of the fashion and textile industry in all creative aspects.

Besides creative training, we believe that students need to learn about the existing trends in the field of fashion and textile as well so as to gain inspiration. To make it happen, we provide our students with opportunities that let them stand in the spotlight. Fashion shows and creative workshops organized by us help students learn and explore more about the trending fashion arena. Also, we let them travel around the country to familiarize with the cultural and traditional heritage of the nation so as to inspire them to interlace between cultures with their innovative new fashion ideas.

Overall, everything required for becoming a successful fashion designer or a textile industry professional is right within our campus and is well taken care of by us. Thus, when you choose to pursue your fashion and textile education from the Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University, you can be rest assured of getting nothing less than the best.

Distinct Features:

Highly Qualified Faculties:

When it’s Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University, you can be assured of high quality of education, which is owing to our team ofvery well experienced and extremely qualified faculty members who have ample of domain knowledge and in-depth understanding of the trending requirements of the fashion industry.

Holistic Learning Experience:

We, at the Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University strive to provide a holistic academic spectrum that meets theinternational standards of education by providing our studentswith the best possible environment for creativity and tranquility.

Foster Innovation and Creativity:

We believe that creativity is the essence of the fashion industry, and hence we always support and encourage our students for exploration of creative ideas and critical thinking that would facilitate their all-round development.

Premier Academic Excellence:

The Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University has carved a place for itself as one of the top private universities in the academic world, for its applied teaching methodology and outstanding results. We constantly keep updatingour academic curriculum so that our students remain abreast with the trending fashion industry and the concerned worldwide developments.

Industry-wise Collaborations:

We have strong linkage and collaborations with leading businesses and organizations that enables our students to gain practical knowledge and industry exposure. Strong emphasis is laid on creativity and innovation by inculcating participation in workshops and industry-related events.

Quality Placements:

Our placement and training department trains students to meet the modern day industry requirements, and help them grab potential employment opportunities with industry leading organizations.

State-of-the-art Campus Facilities:

Set in the backdrop of a serene ambiance, the Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University provides an array of modern facilities within the campus,which comprise ofan Oxford Style Library, World-class Auditorium, Bank ATMs, Medical Facilities, and more. The campus also houses a fully equipped Gym, Eco Park, Sports and Adventure Facilities to keep the minds of students afresh. To keep tickling the taste buds, we have also set up Ultra-modern Cafeteria and Mess Facilities, which are managed by leading caterers.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission:

Eligibility for Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing (B.Sc):

    • Applicant must have passed 10+2 exams from a recognized Board
  • Should also suffice the Himachal Pradesh State Government norms

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