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Engineering has always remained a valuable part of our progression from the ancient times to the present. It is one of the most noble professions today, and is equally valued all across the world. We could have never even imagined the infrastructure that we can see today, if the profession of engineering wasn’t there. However, today, where a massive number of professionals holding the designation of engineer are present in the market, the one thing that is lacking is trust. Not every engineering pass out can be trusted for the skills, and this is the reason why we see so many engineers struggling for jobs.

Nevertheless, there will be forever a demand for skilled and talented engineers; and it is at this juncture, that the Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University plays a vital role in transforming students to the engineers of global standards. The School of Engineering at Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University produces engineers, who can be entrusted upon for their skillset.

“Science is about knowing; Engineering is about doing. Henry Petrosky”

Engineering is not about simply holding the degree or knowing the concepts, but it is about how well you perform when exposed to challenges. This is the key aspect that we cover here at the Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University. Besides preparing the students to achieve academic excellence, we constantly expose them to varied levels of challenges where they are required to apply their skill set and come out successfully. This practical exposure helps them develop into leaders with exceptional thinking abilities who are always ready to accept challenges head on.

Our pride resides in our students, and hence, to draw the best out of their abilities and to endow them with unsurpassed guidance as and when required, our school of engineering is fortified with a highly-qualified team of Indian and Intercontinental faculty members who are very well experienced, and are experts in their own respective fields.

We have been showered with awards and recognitions of being the best private university and top university in north India, and we assure you of consistently putting in efforts to stay true to same.We believe that students can only and only outshine in all respects when they are provided with an equilibrium of the best of academic knowledge and practical exposure.Especially when it comes to engineering students, it is crucial that they are thorough with the practical implementation of the concepts that they are taught hypothetically.

Thus, our engineering program has been deliberately structured to provide the students a mix of both the worlds. The syllabus has been so designed that the students are not only equipped with the necessary knowledge and concepts of engineering and technology, but are also imparted with the skillset to develop into successful professionals tomorrow. Moreover, live lectures and interactive seminars help students expand their horizons in tandem with the recent changes in the chosen field.

We also believe that in order to emerge like a pro, besides achieving academic excellence, students also need to be competitive enough. Hence, in addition to academics, we give keen emphasis on the overall development of our students by involving them in extra-curricular activities like adventure sports, yoga, music, etc.

There are also competitions of different kinds that are organized on a regular basis so as to encourage the spirit of participation among students regardless of victory or failure.

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