As part of APGSU long term mission & vision, we consistently aim to provide access to world-class education to a broad spectrum of Indian students. As part of our continuous efforts to provide better opportunities to pursue higher education at India’s Award-Winning University. we are offering deserving & talented school leavers a wide range of merit scholarships to study at APGSU.

Apart from academic excellence, the APGSU merit scholarships recognize those with strong leadership qualities & high achievements in sports both at state & national levels. These individuals deserve brighter futures and APGSU shall help to make it happen.

For more information, please email to [email protected]

How to apply for the APGSU Merit Scholarships?

  • Start the process even before you finish higher secondary school – and other qualifications. It is recommended to apply for the Scholarship with your forecast or trial results, as soon as they are available.
  • Secure the Scholarships by Enrolling at APGSU; together with your academic results. Please note that Scholarships are limited and on first come first serve basis.
  • Please fill the Application form according to your eligibility online and submit to us.
  • We will recommend you to visit us to find more information and completing your application for the Scholarship, however you may apply online.
  • The quantum of scholarship and the number of scholarships are subject to revision and amendments from time to time. The changes shall be updated accordingly, and will be available on our website.
  • Student may avail Scholarship/ Concessions under one category only.

Deadline for APGSU Merit Scholarships 2020 is 10th June 2020. Please apply with your actual results, however you may apply with your forecast (trial) results also. All Scholarships are LIMITED to few seats and are on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.


This is a merit-cum-means scholarship applicable to students who have secured minimum 90% marks (Science) or 80% marks (Arts/ Commerce) in 12th standard in the respective boards (CBSE/ ISC/ State Boards) with an 80% score in APGSU University Scholastic Test/ APGSU Aptitude Test. The quantum of scholarship shall be determined based on annual income of parents.

Sr. No. Annual income of parents Scholarship
1 4 Lakh – 6 Lakh 75% of Tuition Fee
2 6 Lakh – 8 Lakh 50% of Tuition Fee
3 8 Lakh – 10 Lakh 25% of Tuition Fee
  • The application form should be supported with appropriate certificates.
  • The necessary documents showing the income statements of the Parents / Family Members/ Guardians and bank statement for last six months should be submitted.
  • This scholarship will not cover the other expenses such as mess, hostel accommodation, books, etc.


As per the Scholarship Policy of Respective State.

Various Concessions

Sr. No. Particulars Scholarship
1 Wards of Employee 50% of Tuition fee
2 Girl Student of HP 100 % of Tuition fee
3 Girl Student other than HP 50% of Tuition fee
4 Single Girl Child 100 % of Tuition fee
5 Single Parent Child 50%of Tuition fee
6 Differently abled Child 100% of Tuition fee
7 Student whose Brother/ Sister is already studying in AP Goyal University 50% of Tuition fee
8 Son/ Daughter of Ex Army/ Army/ Martyrs/War Widow’s 100% of Tuition fee
9 International/ National /State level player in any sport 100%/ 100%/50% of tuition fee
10 AGU pass out student seeking admission in other level 50% of tuition fee
11 International Girl student 50% of tuition fee

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