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Ph.D in Physics


(a) Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline with 55% (GEN)/ 50% (SC/ST) marks in aggregate

(b) Other conditions as prescribed guidelines for Degree of Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) Programmes.


PhD in Physics aims to impart the students with the mastery of a traditional body of basic principles and problem-solving techniques generally considered to be an essential part of a research physicist’s training. The course covers the subjects of Matter Physics, High Energy Physics, Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Optics and Laser Physics, Solid State Physics and Materials Science, and Electronic Science. The areas of research include high TC superconductivity, attraction, stage moves, basic marvels, glasses and ceramics, liquid crystals, thin films, ion-solid interactions, semiconductors and super lattices, nanostructure materials, localization, percolation, molecular dynamics, neural networks, quantum field theory, quantum chromo dynamics, CP violation, heavy quarks, nonlinear dynamics, quantum computing, stochastic-quantization, modern quantum optics including Femtosecond laser experiments and theory, ferroelectrics, and microwave devices.

The course is beneficial for candidates interested in pursuing advanced study in Physics and in specialized in the field of the discipline, such as Atomic and Condensed Matter Physics, Laser Physics, Particle Physics, and such. Physicists study the basic laws of nature and for the most part, contribute to the field through advanced research. They additionally apply their deductions, findings, and hypotheses to different ranges, for example, correspondences, science, construction, gadgets, geophysics, well being, and science of transportation, among others.

Career Prospects

Here is a list of some of the job positions that a successful graduate can apply for: • Astrophysicist • Business consultant • Chemical physicist • Lab Supervisor • Subject Matter Expert • Researcher & Technician • Teacher & Lecturer • Scientist • Consulting Physicist • Senior Physicist • Technical Writer • Scientific Officer cum Tutor • Physics Teacher/Coach/Physics Trainer • Training Manager Physicists are also employed in a wide variety of areas such as research administration, university administration, science reporting, technical management and marketing, and in such fields as metallurgy, electronics, food handling and bundling, well being and radiation security, contamination control, PC innovation, budgetary administrations, etc.

The average annual salary offered to such professionals ranges between INR 2 and 10 Lacs, increasing with experience and expertise in the subject. Top recruiting firms include: CSIR-National Physical Laboratory of India, Physical Research Laboratory, Solid State Physics Laboratory, Indian Institute of Science, Physical Research Laboratory PRL Thaltej Campus etc.

Duration: Min 3 Years | Total Fees: 80,000 per year

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