Online education with top university in times of COVID19 lockdown in INDIA

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With the lockdown in effect all over the country, due to the coronavirus pandemic, several educational institutions have come up with reforms in the education system, to help the students during these tough times. The top University in Himachal Pradesh, AP Goyal Shimla University has done the same, they have now opened an admission portal online to facilitate students who have been stuck at home. The college has also ensured online forms of education and examination for students who are already studying there. 

The best University in North India, APGSU, has always been proud about their modern and technologically efficient education system, their smart classrooms which were already active before the lockdown, can now be used to help students study from their homes. Online education has several advantages that make it a great choice, students can study from the comfort of their homes, they can find study material and reference books online rather than having to buy them, students can choose to study when they wish day or night, and recent studies have indicated how online education can usually make students pay more attention. 

APGSU being a great university provides courses in engineering, management, information technology, media, law, hospitality, fashion, architecture, and commerce making it the Top University in North India. Online classes for all of the above courses are already in process and are looking to empower students to quickly gain their degrees and graduate. While students do not get to enjoy the benefits of having a laboratory and hands-on training, there are several benefits of online learning, like:

  • Teachers are readily available for face-to-face interaction, so that students can clear their doubts regarding the subject being taught. 
  • Students can meet their classmates and feel just as if they are sitting in a classroom, this really enhances the impact the online lessons have on students. 
  • Classroom education might be time-bound, online education can be attended at any time, and rewatched to get a chance to revisit the topic. 
  • Modern teaching methodology adapted by the teachers does not compensate or disregard traditional learning approaches. 

While classroom education is the more traditional method of learning, in these trying times universities that have moved on to online education methods have really made sure that students who really want to study and pursue their courses do not go unattended. All students are not the same, some want to accelerate their programs while some take their time to study and complete educational goals. APGSU caters to both of these kinds through their online education portals, and online admission systems making life easier for motivated students. The University ensures and delivers quality education even during the pandemic, making it one of the best in the country.

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