Converting life’s challenges into opportunities will be meaningful only when the right management along with time management, motivation, creation of innovations and right leadership qualities are developed in human beings. These thoughts were given by Prof. Dr. Pramod Sharma, a well-known professor of the Department of Management, Himachal Pradesh University, skilled manager, leadership guru and author, in national seminar conducted on behalf of the School of Management and Commerce,, APG Shimla varsity by the courtesy of the Head of the School Dr. Monika Baltoo on Saturday. In his address at the one-day national seminar organized on the topic ‘Management Beyond Metros: Opportunities and Challenges’, prof. Dr. Pramod Sharma said while addressing the research scholars and students from all over the country and H.P. State at APG Shimla University to participate in the seminar in the auditorium of APG Shimla University.. Pro. Dr. Pramod Sharma and On behalf of Group of Institutions, Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati and Deputy General Chef Nandlal Sharma from Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation participated in this national seminar as chief guest and keynote speakers and taught the students the tricks of adopting management in daily life, how to properly manage time, good use, practical knowledge, practical education, communication skills, proper use of resources, entrepreneurship, spirit of teamwork, good leadership, ethics, honest struggle, artificial intelligence, development of society, nation, villages and cities with technology and innovations for human development, we will move towards becoming self-reliant India.
At the same seminar, Chef Nandlal Sharma also shared his views on the subject of management.
The seminar was inaugurated by special guest APG varsity Chancellor Engineer Suman Vikrant, Pro.Chancellor Pro. Dr. Ramesh Chauhan, Registrar Dr. Anil Kumar Paul, Controller of Examinations Afzal Khan and Chief Speaker and Chief Guest Prof. Pro. Dr. Pramod Sharma, Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujarati lit the holy flames in honour of goddess Saraswati. Chancellor Vikrant Suman and Pro-Chancellor Pro. Dr. Ramesh Chauhan welcomed the key note speakers and chief guests by presenting Himachali caps, shawls and mementos to them. Chancellor Suman Vikrant and Pro-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ramesh Chauhan, while addressing all the research scholars, students presenting research papers, teachers before conducting the seminar, said that if there is any difficulty in life, it should always be turned into an opportunity and it is possible only then. It is when with proper management, time is utilized and resources are used in the right direction and technology is used in human development with economic power through new innovations and for this there should be the skill of practical education, only then the challenges of life can be taken up for development. can be moved to the side. They said that India is now moving in this direction and even small states, villages and towns like Himachal Pradesh are now learning to make proper use of management and knowledge-skills for human development.

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