For MBA programs, APG Shimla University (APGSU) places a strong emphasis on real-world study by offering plenty of ways to get involved outside of theoretical knowledge. However, despite being clear on wanting to do an MBA, there are so many streams and specializations like MBA in human resource management colleges in Shimla for you to choose from. So, what do you opt for? Take a look.

MBA in Finance

MBA colleges in Himachal Pradesh like APGSU is known for its award-winning faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities. One of the most popular streams in MBA is finance because the growth prospects in this field are extraordinary. When you study MBA in finance college in Himachal, you become well-versed in subjects such as management accounting and control, the Indian capital, money market, international finance, and more. This also means that when you graduate, you will not only have a high paying job, but you can also choose the industry you like. However, if you want to opt for finance, make sure you have the following qualities;
  • Leadership
  • Mathematical skills
  • Good communication
  • Strategic thinking

MBA in HR Management

If you are a peoples person and communication is your strong point, human resource or HR management is an excellent choice for you. And, one of the top MBA in human resource management colleges in Shimla is APG Shimla University (APGSU). Here, your skills are polished while you learn a lot more to ensure you turn out to be a complete package. From employee policies to recruiting training, you are equipped to handle even the toughest situation.

MBA in Marketing

The third most popular stream of MBA in Marketing. When you study an MBA in marketing colleges in Himachal Pradesh, you gain knowledge in how one can match the needs of a consumer with the marketing resources to drive profitability. Today, marketing specialists are sought after by big companies because they have the inside knowledge about consumer mentality and play a key role in taking a company to heights. Right from getting into advertising to business marketing, you have a plethora of opportunities to choose from.

How To Choose The Right MBA Specialization

Choose a specialization that offers a plethora of options. Be sure if it is an MBA you want or PGDM. Don’t get confused between the two. Choose a reputed university, such as APG Shimla University, which is one of the top MBA colleges in Shimla. Choose a stream that interests you and something you are passionate about. So, before you decide which stream is suitable for you, dig deep and understand which field excites you the most. For instance, choosing finance when you dislike mathematics is pointless. Therefore, first, ask yourself what it is you want and always make sure you get into a reputed college to do your MBA.

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