Future is in understanding the past and benefitting from it

Library is a treasure trove of knowledge that one digs into to pick up gems of knowledge. The institute has an aesthetically and tastefully designed library that has in its shelves a huge collection of interesting and informative books for the benefit of the students. The collection contains a plethora of reference books, course materials, journals, periodicals and books on various subjects and topics. The digital library has informative CDs, study material in interactive format, which are used by the students for better understanding of the subjects. Students also have access to the internet. A photocopier is also provided in the library for their benefits.

  • Reference service is given to assist right information to the user at right time.
  • Collection of thesis, project reports and dissertations for consultation of users.
  • Membership of
    • National Digital Library (NDL)
    • South Asia Archive (SAA) and Wel e-Resource
    • Shodhganga

APG Shimla University

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