An exciting 2018 dawns for the hospitality industry after study at AP Goyal Shimla University

If you have decided to study for a professional degree at AP Goyal Shimla University, it is an excellent choice with the best chances of professional success in the years to come. The best university in Northern India that is located in the serene environment of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh would make your dreams come true. The next step is to choose the particular course among the eight schools within the dynamic, young university with international collaborations and students from 25 countries. Get exposed to multiple cultures while internships and placements bring a powerful beginning to a career that may continue all life long.

Eight schools for academic adventures

The choices are Engineering and Technology, Law, Applied Science, Fashion and Textiles, Management, Hospitality, Architecture and Planning, and Journalism and Mass Communication.

Many students on the verge of higher education are faced with a dilemma regarding the most suitable course to study and succeed professionally. Interests, aptitudes and skills matter and parents, teachers and counselors may help students to make the best choices. It is obvious that we live in an age of specialization. Science and maths would be necessary for engineering students while commerce would be an advantage in business management, though not compulsory. Certain subjects like journalism and hospitality, fashion and law do not require any particular stream of subjects in Classes 11 and 12.

The new age careers attract most students

The rise of technology has injected fresh blood in every profession, be it journalism or law, science and architecture. Technology does not apply only to communications as many think because of social and news media but the possibilities are immense. Designing and managing businesses, tracking and maintaining sales records, big data enables the research and understanding of future trends.

Why don’t you opt for the Hospitality career path?

The Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) course has a four-year duration and 120 seats are available. Master of Hotel Management (MHM) is for a two-year duration and the course accepts 30 students. The media informs that the hospitality industry is dominated by a few global chains. AP Goyal Shimla University maintains contacts with some of the chains like Oberoi and Taj that have headquarters in India, along with big names like Carlson, Hyatt and Marriott abroad.

The future of hospitality

The new age professionals do not want to spend their lives working at desks and operating computers. Though software and hardware nowadays are instrumental to almost every profession, should you be dominated by them? Seeking adventure and a good life with attractive working environments, challenging roles and high incomes with an opportunity to travel widely, hospitality offers immense opportunities.

Specialization is needed of course and many BHMs would be looking out for a management degree to add to their portfolio and grow skills further. Yet, do not start dreaming big so very soon. Some experience in the field would be needed before you reach senior positions, perhaps with a management degree attached. Opportunities will come later to opt for higher degrees like MHM. Those who are lucky may be able to study two degrees even before taking up the first job!

Some specializations would be Food and Beverages management, becoming a chef, the front office duties and housekeeping besides the supplies and materials procurement, public relations and legal aspects. The large hotel chains with branches across the world have a large variety of vacancies in many different fields. Some people set up their own hotels or restaurants.

The qualities needed for the hospitality industry

An outgoing personality that likes to mingle with guests of several nationalities would be preferred. An attractive appearance with highly developed communication skills both in speech and writing would be essential. Working in multicultural environments requires a certain cosmopolitan thinking and awareness of foreign languages helps the process. It can be challenging and quite a shock to find yourself in those strange environments where the culture and religion, language and dress are so unfamiliar.

A vast industry with numerous applications

Catering and hotel accommodation form the core of the hospitality industry, though bookings and tourism agents would be important too. Technology and software have certainly eased the process of global booking. People are traveling more than ever before. The huge industry is developing very fast to support the numerous families that travel each year. Resorts in strange, unfamiliar place seem to be the most attractive.

Look around and every neighborhood across the world has restaurants, guest houses, hotels and lodges. Millions travel each day and boarding facilities are compulsory. Can you imagine how many job opportunities exist in such an industry? The food business definitely has the highest income compared to any other business. Some problems are the long hours of work and the night duties that would be required now and then. Which profession does not have a few disadvantages?

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