Dr. Arun Kumar Choudhary

Dr. Arun Kumar Choudhary
Designation: Dean
School and Department: Engineering & Sciences
Educational Qualification: PhD (CSE)
Experience: 19 Years

Prof (Dr.) Arun Kumar Choudhary is the Dean, Engineering & Sciences at AP Goyal Shimla
university. He holds PhD degree in Computer Science & Engineering followed by M.Tech
degree in Information Technology. His specializaion is Software Engineering. His area of
research includes Software Fault Tolerance, Data Mining, Parallel Processing, Artificial
Intelligence and Distributed Systems. He has contributed in the development of the university by
taking responsibility at key positions like Head of the Department (Computer Science
Engineering) and Head of School (School of Advance Computing). He has also worked as
Controller of Examinations and Principal with other institutions. He is an active member of
Proctorial Board. He has published the research papers in the National and International
Journals and Conferences. He has written a book entitled “A Glance on Computing and
Computer Science”, published by Bonfring Publication, Coimbatore (Tamilnadu). He has guided
many UG/PG research projects and currently guiding M.Tech and Ph.D research scholars.
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organized by UTU, Dehradun and RIT, Roorkee.
18. Emerging Technology in Education: Social and Digital Media, National Conference on
Research & Innovation in Education, NCRIE-2020, Dec 2020.

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