Diploma in Indian Classical Music


Pass with 50% (GEN) / 45% (SC/ST) aggregate marks in 10+2 or equivalent.


Music is considered to be a spiritual and social experience. Indian Classical Music is the music of Indian subcontinent. Ancient Indians were deeply involved in the spiritual process of learning and spreading music and that’s how Indian Classical Music came into existence. The heavenly Indian music not only soothes the mind after the stressful long day but also helps in stimulating the nerves and cells. Even studies have claimed that nice music releases good hormones in our body. Classical Music has regained its identity when the new generation developed a taste of Indian Classical music and thus universities came with advanced courses in the Indian Classical Music. India is now brimming over the newfound love for the Indian music.

Indian classical music has two main styles: Hindustani (North Indian style) and Carnatic (South Indian style). Structure of Diploma in Indian Classical Music: Diploma in Music is a monthly or yearly course depending on the colleges. Eligibility: Intermediate cleared or Bachelor’s degree Admission Process Grade and equivalent marks obtained in 12th class or senior secondary school and equivalent to that. Course Fee is around INR 15,000 to 2 Lakh on an average. Starting Salary is around INR 2 to 9 Lakh per annum.

Indian Classical Music Diploma courses includes: The Diploma in Music Studies focuses upon polishing the creative aspect of the learners. It aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge of composition, orchestration and arrangement and the practical implementation of historical knowledge. It sensitizes the students with the relation of music with social, historical and cultural aspects. It ensures that students learn the technical aspects related to ragas and ancient methods of classical music practice. Students are trained on the horizons of tabla, keyboard, classical vocal, thumri vocal, harmonium etc.

Career Prospects

The study in Indian classical music allows the aspirant to become well aware of the theoretical and historical aspects of music. After completion of the Education, very few deserving candidates can go in for: Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Person Band Leader Composer/Arranger Music Attorney Assist. Art Director Concert Promoter Disc Jockey Film Music Director/Editor Music Critic Advertising Specialist Studio Musician Music Teacher Recording Technician Music Publisher Singer/Performer Writer/Music Journalist Performers Educators Songwriters Composers Career options for Diploma in Music Graduates include those arising behind the scenes or in the business area of music. The diploma serves as a foundation for those who want to pursue further studies in the Indian Classical Music. Graduates in this field can explore their own areas of interest in Music. They can earn well and gain popularity through this art. Talented professionals can gain much popularity in society through a prestigious job involving music.

Duration: 1 Year | Total Fees: 50,000 per year

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