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Overview Commerce

Commerce is a field of study and practice that deals with the exchange of goods and services, typically involving financial transactions. It encompasses various activities related to buying, selling, and trading products or services in the market. Commerce is fundamental to economic systems, facilitating the flow of goods and services between producers and consumers, as well as among businesses. It involves aspects such as marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and management. Commerce professionals play vital roles in businesses, organizations, and financial institutions, contributing to economic growth, wealth creation, and market efficiency. Overall, commerce is integral to modern societies, shaping economic activities and influencing global trade and business operations.

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8 Semesters

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.)

B. Com (Hons) is an undergraduate degree course that deals with the principles of accounting, economic theory, m...

60 Seats
Post Graduation
4 Semesters

Master of Commerce

The Master of Commerce course offers a comprehensive dive into the intricate world of business and economics. With a ...

60 Seats