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B.Sc (Hons.) Forensic Science - Course Introduction

B.Sc. (Hons.) Forensic Science is an undergraduate program that explores the application of scientific principles to criminal investigations and legal proceedings. Students delve into various scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy, learning how to collect, analyze, and interpret evidence from crime scenes. They study forensic techniques including DNA analysis, fingerprinting, toxicology, ballistics, and digital forensics. Graduates of this program are prepared for careers as forensic scientists, crime scene investigators, forensic analysts, or forensic technicians, working in law enforcement agencies, forensic laboratories, government agencies, or private consulting firms, where they play a crucial role in the administration of justice.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Pass with 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 PCB/PCM

Scholarships Available for this Course

  • APGST सहायता : Based on our Scholarship Test.
  • According to the percentage in board exam.
  • Various need based criterias for scholarship.
  • HP/Other State Govt. scholarship as per policy.
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