International Collaborations
S.No. Name of University Country Collaboration Agreement
1 UCAM (Universdad Catalica of Murcia) Spain 1. Students Exchange

2. Scholarship Seats at APG

3. Academic & Administration Personnel Exchange

2 Xinyu University , China China 1. Confucius institute

2. Faculty and scholar exchange programe

3.Student exchange

3 IOBQ and AP Goyal Shimla University Delhi 1. (1 – 2) weaks Certificate course Health and safety at workplace

2. (5-6) months diploma course Spa & Salon Management

3 China Agricultural University China 1. Joint undergraduate degree programme

2. Summer School Programme

3. Recommendation to Master degree programme as applicable in either of the University

4 Whitireia New Zealand, Institute of Technology New Zealand 1. Students exchange in specified programmes

2. Staff from each institution to study and teach for short periods at the other institution

3. Credit transfer agreement

4. Inititatives to be devloped and opportunities for parties

5 Szent Istvan University (Szie) Hungary Hungary 1. Exchange of students

2. Exchange of faculty

3. Conduction of joint programmes

4. Exchange of Research work

5. Conduction of join seminars, Conferences & Academic Meetings

6. Constitution of joint scholarship fund, concession & other financial facilities

6 University of Maribor, School of Economics and Business Maribor, Slovenia   1. Develop Students Exchanges

2. Develop research cooperation

3. Research cooperation

4. Research staff exchange

5. Short term student mobility

6. Joint study programs

7. Exchange programmes with students

7 University of Lodz, Poland and APG Shimla University Poland 1. Joint research, lectures and symposia

2. Exchange of academics and researchers

3. Replacement of lower year students

4. Exchange of scientific publication in the field of mutual interest to the current exchange of information

5. Replacement of senior year students ans graduate students

8 Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University Belarus 1. Exchange programmes

2. Development of Academic Mobilty

3. Implementation of joint research and educational projects of mutual interest

4. Organization and carrying out joint scientific conferences

5. Organization of information exchange, publications and instructional

6. Development of academic mobility