What are the job prospects after M. Sc in Mathematics

job prospects after M. Sc in Mathematics

India is always known to foster young talent especially in the field of mathematics. There is a vast number of employment opportunities involved in the field of mathematics in India. M. Sc Mathematics degree holder enjoys more career options as compared to any other degree holder. It provides the student with necessary mathematical knowledge and ways to use mathematics at different stage of life or at work and the significance of advance mathematics in the present technological world. M. Sc Mathematics graduate holder has better job opportunities as compared to any other post-graduates. They are banks, research organizations, colleges, universities etc.

The trained mathematicians help in many ways, doing research work and managing statistics of the population for the government to implement the schemes successfully. In private sector, mathematicians are required to handle the data and boost the business models strategically in order to ensure tough competition in today’s world.

Some of the prolific job profile is as follows:

  • External Auditor
  • Information Scientist
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Assistance Professor
  • Online Tutor

There is a huge competition in the market-oriented economic order of this 21st century. The economical and technological development gives rise to the need of more manpower than earlier. An M. Sc Mathematics graduate degree holder can find jobs in Aerospace companies, Market research firms, Pharmaceutical companies, Research and Development Firms, Engineering Firms, Economic Research Firms, Social Research Institutes and various Manufacturing Firms.

M. Sc job opportunities for freshers

Newbies and freshers who have completed this course are considered to be highly crucial in every sector. Some of the job profiles include:

  • Junior Associate Professor
  • Online Tutor
  • Junior Research Scientist
  • Mathematician
  • Market Researcher
  • Economist

Job Opportunities in Government and Private sector

Job seekers in M. Sc Mathematics can apply in both government and private sector. A post-graduate from M. Sc Mathematics can look for a range of jobs in insurance companies, private banks, and the software companies, etc. Someone of the profiting job profiles are mentioned below:

  • Actuary
  • Cost Estimator
  • Economist
  • Professor
  • Lecturer
  • Senior Manager
  • Research Associate

The government runs a number of socio-developmental programme for the benefit of the nation which eventually calls for the statisticians, mathematicians, research professionals, managers. Thus, the mathematicians are in high demand even in the government sector. Therefore, mathematicians are in huge demand in the public sector.

List of jobs available in this sector includes:

  • Quantitative Risk Analyst
  • Equity Quantitative Analyst
  • Director Statistical Programming
  • Interest Rate Trading Strategist
  • Director Statistical Programming
  • Quantitative Developer
  • Treasury Management Specialist
  • Statistician
  • Researcher and Accountant
  • Demographer

Teaching is considered to be the most sought after career option and it is famous among mathematics career aspirants. After completing M. Sc. in Mathematics, the NET (National Eligibility Test) conducted at national level and the SET (State Eligibility Test) at the state level are the common eligibility tests to become qualified for a teaching job in top notch colleges and universities. You can apply for Mathematics professor/ lecturer. Teaching profession is the most reliable career path with the scope of expansion in your career horizons.

M. Sc Mathematicians get one of the highest-paid salary packages compared to other postgraduates. Some of the top recruiting firms which hire M. Sc Mathematics graduate are as follows:

  • Accenture (INR 4.3 LPA)
  • TCS (INR 7 LPA)
  • Cognizant (INR 5.5 LPA)
  • Wipro (INR 3.8 LPA)
  • IIT Bombay (INR 10 LPA)

APGSU University is also known to produce highly competent and motivated engineers and scientist with strong mathematical background. The university is blessed with well experienced faculty. All faculty members are from reputed universities of India and have a track record of good research. The main objective is to boost the student’s skill and potential in the vast field of Mathematics

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