The future lies in Artificial Intelligence ( B.Tech Computer Science in AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the future and is here to stay. A major chunk of the human role is already being replaced by Artificial Intelligence and we will see an increase in it during the next couple of years.  Students pursuing relevant degrees are entering a very lucrative career.

Artificial Intelligence seems to be making waves in the technology world. Students with a dream to make a career in the Artificial Intelligence world are enrolling to some relevant degrees. Students with a degree in (B.E./B.Tech) with Computer Science as specialization would pave the way to make it big in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Technology that replicates human behavior conventionally is named as Artificial Intelligence. AI technology is making an impact on our daily lives and changing the way we perform some of the human dependent activities. The future of the technology world is Artificial Intelligence. 

Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University offers a variety of courses in computer science. Software engineering, programming, computer networking, Database, operating system, Computer graphics, Cloud & big data, and computer hardware are a few subjects of focus in the bachelor of technology degree. The degree with computer science as a specialization enables students to understand the complexity of computer systems, programs, and networks.

The course concentrates on building the link between the theory and practicals. While the course design helps to understand the software and hardware technologies, a passion for mathematics and reasoning skills helps students to become successful in the field of computer technology. The course is designed to ensure that the students gain ample knowledge of problem-solving and designing skills. The well -equipped laboratory at APGSU helps students to better understand the relationship of theory versus practical work.

The APGSU campus is a township by itself. The sports facilities with its activities, yoga, and meditation classes help in building the physical and mental agility of the students. Medical facilities (Inspection room) with a well-trained nurse and doctor coupled with round the clock ambulance services helps to take care of the students. The campus also has an excellent security service, transportation facilities, departmental store for the day to day requirements, ATM, and dining facilities are all very helpful for a student’s overall performance.

B.Tech degree in computer science enables students to pursue a variety of careers. Software analysts, developers, medical health professionals in the field of artificial hearing, vision and restorative devices, flight simulation, and other military and aviation-related job opportunities are a few career opportunities that can be pursued with a B.Tech degree.

A degree in the relative field can do wonders for the career. However, a passion for mathematics and a natural interest in the area of computers and technology would also play a vital role in the success of pursuing a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence. A degree coupled with some e-learning courses and internships works in favor of a successful career.

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