How do courses like Forensic Science and Bio-Technology help students in the face of Covid19

Coronavirus has become a major threat to the world. Governments across the globe are trying to control the situation and ensure that it does not spread any further. However, since there is no antidote available for the coronavirus, treating it has become quite a challenge. People from all the countries are looking up to the pharmacists and scientists to find a way out of this global catastrophe.

Times like these show how important fields like Bio-technology and Forensic Science can be. When it comes to preventive measures of COVID-19 including sanitizers, masks, etc. everyone looks up to professionals from this field. The industry is seeing an increase in the requirement of product innovation. As the demand for these skills increases, the investment in Research & Development activities are increasing as well. There are several colleges in the country that offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in these fields.

Through the Forensic Science course, students will learn about scientific knowledge and applications that help in crime investigation. It includes components like chemistry, toxicology, biology, ballistics, impressions, questioned documents, the science of fingerprinting, forensic pathology, psychiatry, psychology, odontology, and forensic medicine. Through classroom lectures and training sessions, forensic scientists apply their scientific knowledge for administering justice. As far as the subjects are concerned, there are no boundaries.

Given the amount of reckless crime that happens in our society, there are many opportunities in this field. They are hired by security agencies, private investigation agencies, law firms, detective agencies, consultancies, etc. And of course, there is the government sector where forensic scientists can work in the police department, income tax department, government forensic laboratories, commercial tax department, armed forces, finance institutes, crime branch, government banks, government hospitals, etc.

The field of Biotechnology involves the study of biomolecular and cellular processes that helps in the development of products and technologies contributing to improve the health and lives of people. Professionals in this field use bioprocesses and living organisms in the field of technology, engineering, and of course medicine. They learn what biological processes like the genetic manipulation of microorganisms to produce different medicine. Biotechnology is the field that involves modifying the plants genetically or improving their resistance towards harmful microorganisms and diseases. Apart from this, biotechnology can also be used for improving agricultural productivity by developing organic fertilizers.

It is clear to say that biotechnology is a developing sector. As more and more big firms are putting in big money, new opportunities are being developed in this sector and advancements are being made at a good pace. This has increased job opportunities in the sector as well. Biotechnology graduates are hired in government as well as private sectors. The most common industries where biotechnology professionals are in demand are the healthcare sector, the research sector, the chemical industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Both these fields, Forensic Science and Biotechnology, are involved in the healthcare center. The opportunities and scope of these industries are enormous. The threat of the recent pandemic, coronavirus, has created a stir in the world. As researchers across the globe are working to find an antidote for the virus, it has created a global awareness of the need, scope, and demand of the biotechnology and forensic science industry.

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