AP Goyal Shimla University announce attractive scholarship

Education plays a vital role in the development and prosperity of every country and more so in a country like India where a major chunk of the population is between the age of 5 – 14 years.

While the options of education in terms of degrees and higher education are innumerable, not all of them are affordable. APG Shimla University, Himachal Pradesh and many other educational institutes offer a variety of scholarship schemes in India to enable students of all types of financial backgrounds to complete their education.

Many students are from a financially backward situation and need financial aid to start/ complete their education. Many educational institutes help students to avail of education loans and even offer scholarships. APG Shimla University offers a 10% reservation of seats to the students who fall under the below poverty line (BPL) of Himachal Pradesh and they are also offered a 100% scholarship. APSU also offers –

  • 100% scholarship to those students who score the highest marks in the state.
  • 50% scholarship to those students who score the highest marks in the district.
  • 20% scholarship to those students who score the highest marks at the college level.
  • 10% scholarship to those students who appear in the scholarship test.
  • Scholarships continue only if the scholarship committee headed by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The scholarships and concessions are availed through tuition fees.
  • Students can avail concessions or scholarships whichever is of higher value.

Scholarships are of four different types: need-based, merit-based, means-based, and school scholarships. Scholarships in India are offered by government bodies, private boards, and NGO’s. Scholarships are often mistaken as fellowships. While scholarships are a promise of partial or complete financial aid plan fellowships are a promise of providing a permanent place coupled with or without financial aid.

  • Means- based scholarship is provided to those students with a lack of finances and their parents/ guardians are expected to provide income certificate.
  • The merit-based scholarship is granted to students with exceptional performance in exams and is not limited to any other criteria. Anybody with the specified marks avails the scholarship.
  • A need-based scholarship is granted for students with physical disabilities. These scholarships are granted by the Government in most cases. Prime minister scholarship scheme, India bulls foundation scholarship, and a few others are on the top of the list.
  • International scholarships are offered by foreign-based organizations through universities that fall under this category. MIT, Harvard, Yale, and a few other top universities across the world offer a specialized scholarship program to encourage meritorious foreign students.
Scholarships are a great way of providing financial aid to the students since it encourages the talented ones and offers an opportunity to pursue a career to those in need.

However, it is important to do proper research on the scholarship programs. The last date for applying, list of colleges falling under the scholarship program, cut off marks for eligibility and a few other factors play a vital role in availing the scholarships.

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