How should be a successful Journalist in career?

How should be a successful Journalist in career?

Journalism is a professional career for those who finished journalism course. Journalism involves writing skill with various activities like gathering news, analyzing the report, preparing a script for media and publishing at the end of process. Mass communication is the propagation of information to large group of people. The media helps in spreading information to mass group of society in more effective manner. The bachelor degree in Journalism will guide students to become a successful journalist.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication:

The Journalism and Mass communication comes from the media industry. The students get knowledge in the art as well as in communication field through pursuing Bachelor of Journalism and mass communication. The students trained well in writing and reporting skills in an ethical way under graduation program. The bachelor degrees strengthen their knowledge in Indian Economy, politics, taxes, culture and international bond.

Journalism as a career:

Journalism is not a simple office going job or white-collar job. The journalism involves varying deadlines to complete a work as well as it should be ready to present in front of a huge audience. The celebrities and superstars are only questioning in front of a camera. However, a journalist has to prepare script before questioning them. The preparing questions are not only involved in journalism. A journalist has to struggle behind the screen to gather information.

Thus, journalism is enjoyable only when it became a passionate career. Every bit in journalism will be enjoyable and interesting one for passionate leaners.

Print Media:

Journalism in print media is most powerful and market response work. The progress of print media is slowly set back due to boom in digital media. The scope of print media is very wide in print industry, especially in newspaper and magazine. The career in print media is fast revolving and a good journalist only can cope up with evaluation. The pen and paper works are more complicated and it should reach the people in right manner. The journalism course will guide you in preparing writes up and mold into a good journalist.

Electronic Media:

Electronic media like television and radio spread all over the country. Even we can see television and radio in the remote area where difficult to access transport. The journalism in electronic media will provide knowledge in on-screen shows. The retaining listeners are very important in electronic media. The Journalism will help in making successful shows as well as in the field of technology. This technology involves handling the camera, recording and editing the voice etc.,

Digital Media:

Digital media entirely differ from print and electronic media. The audience of digital media is worldwide and culturally different from each other. Hence, it is necessary to get graduation in journalism to shine in the field of digital communication. A good and perfect word should use to attract the audience and convert the audience into the potential customer. The graduation in journalism is a good option for the aspirant who wants to succeed in digital media marketing strategy.
Key tips to success in journalism:

  • Get a graduation in journalism from the reputed university.
  • Learn journalism with the practical knowledge. The internship will help in getting deeper knowledge in journalism.
  • During the internships apply for post-graduation in journalism and become stronger in vocabulary.
  • Once internship was completed, choose the specialized area in journalism.
  • The specialized area is:
    o Sports
    o Political
    o Social media
    o Photo and wildlife
    o Environmental studies
    o Newsgathering and publishing
    o Medical science
    o Business and financial fields
    o Reporting and research thesis

Skills required for journalism:

Communication skill is very important in a journalism career. This communication includes both oral and written skills. The logical and precise presentation in front of an audience is a successful part of journalism. The grasping and analyzing skill will also enhance the report writings and able to convert gathered information into broadcasting scripts. The writing script should be easy to understand from a reader perspective and possess clear context.

Apart from communication skill, one should have knowledge in digital platform also. Editing the photo, presenting the script, interviewing the personality, and researching the concepts are additional skills glimpse the career in journalism.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication in AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY

AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY offers a bachelor degree in journalism and mass communication with duration of three years program. This course is ideal for the candidate who wants to become professional in journalism as well as in digital platform.

Only 60 seats are available at AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY. This course is an offer to candidates who finishes his/ her education in the pattern of 10+2 from the recognized board as per norms of Himachal Pradesh state.

Let explore in the journalism world by joining course in AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY.

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