Bachelor of Technology – Computer Science Engineering (Cloud Technology & Information System)

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Pass with 50% (GEN)/ 45% (SC/ST) aggregate marks in 10+2 or equivalent (with Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry/Biotechnology/Biology) subject to valid score in JEE(Main).


The curriculum of this programme is a combination of core information technology & specialized subjects which are relevant to current industry. The programme focuses on Virtualization Technology, Cloud Technology, Datacenters and Networking & Operating Systems. It also creates awareness of different vulnerabilities, corrective measures and the course is primarily created to help students gain in-depth knowledge about all aspects of preventive, ethical hacking and forensic security technologies. The students will also learn about the IT Security, cloud and IT Infrastructure management technologies. The focus of the programme is on virtualization technologies, cloud technologies, data centres, networking and operating systems. That will ultimately help to develop an understanding about how information security functions in an organization emphasis on Cryptography, Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensics, Virtualization & Cloud Security. The course aims to learn the basics of computer science with subjects such as C programming, data structures, computer architecture & network security and to understand the principles of information security, virtualization & cloud technology. The programme seeks to provide the students an exposure to industry problems. B Tech in Computer Science Engineering with specialisation in Information security and Cloud Technology is a future-focused field imparting innovative-driven knowledge to students security and cloud technology. The programme also this program equips the students with the concepts and the technical skills needed to secure Information and also creates awareness to different vulnerabilities, corrective measures and protection.

Career Prospects

India will create over 2 million jobs in Cloud sector, predicts a study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC). ● Cloud Architect ● Cloud Engineer ● Data Center Technician ● Cloud Security Specialist ● Information Security Analyst ● Malware Analyst ● Data Center Technician ● Junior Penetration Tester ● Database Manager-IT Security In India, successful graduates of the course are offered an initial average salary within the range of INR 2 and 6 Lacs depending upon the level of expertise and experience. Job Opportunities for cyber security of professionals are available for various departments in different sectors, some of them are listed below: Corporate (Information Security, Compliance, IT&IS Audit, Software Development etc.) Banking, Finance and Insurance Sector (IT and Data Security, E-Commerce and Net-banking Security, Compliance, Information Risk Management, IT&IS Audit etc.) Defense and Police (R&D, Investigation and Forensics, IT Infrastructure Security etc.) Governance (E-Governance, Public Key Infrastructure Management, Forensic Science Labs etc.) Legal Department (Cyber Forensics Consultants, Cyber Law Expert, Expert witness etc.) Cyber Fraud Consultants / Management (Ethical Hacker, Penetration Testers, Cyber Fraud Detectives Some of the top recruiting companies include: ● Amazon ● Mphasis ● NTTData ● Quickheal ● TCS ● DRDO

Duration: 4 years | Total Fees: 1,50,000 per year

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