B.Des – Space Planning & Design

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Pass with 50% (GEN) / 45% (SC/ST) aggregate marks in 10+2 or equivalent.


The program focuses on designing and planning of interior spaces for all kinds of human needs. The learners concentrate on designing spaces, interior and exterior, according to their functional hierarchies and interrelationships. Spaces to be more functional and aesthetic require components like furniture, seating, storage, lighting etc.The interior space design should be incorporated with furniture and accessories so that both should have a harmonious interaction. The program intends to take the students through an array of structural requirements, mechanical and electrical services, health and safety issues, and building codes as well. The program enables the student to develop a sense of association between the user and the space that redefines the satisfaction of the end-user. In other words, the principal objective of the course is to train students for successfully operating in and contributing to the modern world of art by using original ideas and creativity, as also for pursuing advanced research in the discipline. The course’s curriculum integrates practical and theoretical components of study.

Career Prospects

There is a wide range of career options after completing a Bachelor of Design (Planning and Design). Successful graduates can be employed by architects, builders, private consultancies, various MNCs etc. Areas of employment for such graduates include Architectural Firms, Airport Terminals, Media Houses, corporate Houses, Hospitals, Theatres, Museum, Hotels, Town Planning Bureaus, etc. Career paths which a successful graduate can pursue are as follows: -Interior Designer -Visual Merchandiser for Furniture Malls -Furniture Designer -Interior Architect -Space Planner -Kitchen and Bath Designer -Sustainable Designer -Lighting Designer At an initial level, such graduates earn up to INR 25K to 60K monthly, depending upon the candidate’s expertise in the field and increases gradually with the candidate’s experience and skillset. Recruiting companies include: Godrej Interio, IKEA, Spacewood, Reliance Group, Future Group, Studio Spa, Herman Miller, Sleek, PepperFry, Aditya Birla Retail, Kitchen Grace, Space Wood Furnishers, Studio Purple, Style Spa, Sleek Kitchen, Kitchen Grace, Simply Interiors, Allegra Designs and in many architectural firms which provide interior design services.

Duration: 4 years | Total Fees: 80,000 per year

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