B.Des – Product Design

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Pass with 50% (GEN) / 45% (SC/ST) aggregate marks in 10+2 or equivalent.


The Bachelor of Design (Product Design) degree program revolves around the advanced study of products, systems, and their consumers. The course encompasses includes components from diverse domains like human factors, cognitive ergonomics, studio skills, advanced CAD, research methods, materials and manufacturing processes, design management, and social sciences. Talking about the course’s curriculum, the emphasis is laid on a process-centric approach, directed at shaping the student’s creative skills. The students are taught to design a product that is user-friendly, helps in executing daily tasks, and making them easy. Under this programme, students gain a practical understanding of the product design lifecycle, beginning from idea generation to prototyping and commercialisation. The students participate in collaborative projects with industrial houses, social sector, government & private sectors, design projects, and a multitude of other such areas. Product designing requires innovation, creativity and a pinch of imagination. A number of factors are taken into consideration while designing a product, such as: -The product’s target customers. -Technicalities involved in product design. -The designed product’s durability, its applications. -Factors such as human factors, ergonomics, manufacturing processes, design management, material, and even social factors. It is not necessary that a product designer always designs new products. He/she can also pick up an existing product and change its design in such a manner that its functionality is improved and it is economical as well as attractive to the target audience. Aspirants who possess good communication and interpersonal skills, for describing ideas to the clients and the students who have a creative imagination, who have a passion to create visually appealing stuff are considered to be idle for this program. Aspirants also need to be good at drawing and also have the ability to understand customer needs.

Career Prospects

Product design has gained quite a lot of significance in recent times, whether it is consumer goods or industrial products. The major recruiters of Product Designers are goods manufacturing, automobile, telecom, and medical equipment firms. Career paths which a successful graduate can pursue are as follows: -Product Designer -Packaging Designer -Computer-Aided Design Technician -Entrepreneurs Students of this programme are placed in companies with an average annual package of 3.20 LPA to 6.00 LPA. Recruiting companies include: Adidas, Adobe, Ashok Leyland, Citrix, Cognizant, D decor, DDB Mudra, eBay, Future Group etc.

Duration: 4 years | Total Fees: 80,000 per year

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