On behalf of the School of Legal Studies and Research of the local APG Shimla University of the capital Shimla,Under the chairmanship of prof.Dr.Lokesh Chandel,a guest lecture on the topic “Challenges and Opportunities of the Legal Profession” was organized in the University,The lecture mainly focused on the challenges,principles and opportunities of the law.Advocate Owis Khan Pathan,practicing in District Court Shimla and well-versed in law, participated in the program as a guest lecturer.In his lecture, advocate Owis Khan Pathan while interacting with all the law students pursuing BALB and LLM in APG Shimla varsity said that law cannot really be classified as law unless it has within itself justice and passion for justice, and not imbibe the ideals of equality. “It is the lawyer who brings the matter to justice and invents social engineering in the society”, advocate Owis Khan Pathan added while addressing the law students.
Advocate Owis Khan Pathan said that the students were also informed about the practical principles of advocacy,functioning of courts and how the proceedings take place before the court.Pathan not only told the students about the functioning of the courts,but also clarified the doubts related to the legal profession in a separate question-answer session for them to succeed in the legal profession and become successful lawyers and jurist in the legal field.

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