Chancellor’s Message

Dr. Rajat Mathur

“Education is like a vast ocean that is fed by many rivers and tributaries. The construction of a single exceptional campus in Shimla that will house an institution committed to innovation and holistic teaching is the AP Goyal Charitable Trust’s humble contribution to that ocean. At Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University, we look at personal development in terms of sargam. Just like mastering a single swara will not result in making music, we feel that simply concentrating on one subject will not allow a student to harness his or her full potential. To expand the analogy, the proficiency with all seven swaras is a prerequisite to forming a harmonious whole, we believe that, in order for a student to grow into a well-rounded, mature member of society, he or she should be exposed to the entire educational spectrum. We will strive to achieve our goals and the trust’s 100-crore rupee investment is just the first phase in our long-term commitment to the dissemination of knowledge. We are especially proud of the fact that the construction of our university will result in the creation of more than a thousand jobs for the local populace with even more to come. Please join us in fulfilling our dream of turning the divine splendour of Shimla into an educational paradise.”