“Keep the nature clean to save future” A cleanliness awareness campaign was organized on February 19,2020 under the aegis of AP Goyal Shimla University.

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A cleanliness awareness campaign was organized on Thursday under the aegis of AP Goyal Shimla University. In this cleanliness campaign, Rakesh Kanwar, Secretary to the Governor of Himachal Pradesh, Satya Kaundal, Mayor of Shimla Municipal Corporation, Deputy Mayor Shailendra Chauhan, Byoliya Gram Panchyat president Viniti Sharma and BJP Yuva Morcha president Gaurav Sood were the chief guest. Secretary Rakesh Kanwar flagged off the cleanliness awareness to the students of AP Goyal Shimla University. The students gave a message to the common people to keep their village, house, city and office clean and keep clean institutional campus and localities as well. The students introduced street plays, speeches, poems and Himachali Nati in a spectacular manner and introduced the public to the importance of cleanliness and cleanliness. During this campaign, the keynote participants shared their views on the cleanliness mission being run by the government. Addressing the students,  Secretary to H.P. governor, Rakesh Kanwar said that the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi had dreamed of a clean India, that all the citizens of India together should keep the village, the street, the city, the neighbourhood clean and cleanliness was a part of Indian culture But forgetting this culture, the environment is being corrupted and due to that many diseases are being faced. He said that do not leave any work to the government and the sanitation workers, but the common man is in dire need to make cleanliness a habit, only then Mahatma Gandhi’s dream will come true.

Prof. Ramesh Kumar Chaudhary, Vice Chancellor of AP Goyal Shimla University, shared his views and said that today India is changing and in this era of change, if we are left behind in the field of cleanliness then education, economic progress will be of no importance. The Vice Chancellor said that the quality of any institution is firstly judged by its cleanliness and AP Goyal Shimla University has been responding well in this direction. The Vice Chancellor said that AP Goyal Shimla University has been considered the cleanest institution among higher education institutions of North India where cleanliness is the first step. Vice Chancellor said that AP Goyal Shimla University will soon launch a campaign for drug addiction.

Addressing the students, Shimla Municipal Corporation Mayor Satya Kaundal and Deputy Mayor Shailendra Chauhan said that cleanliness is not the responsibility of the government and the cleaning staff, it is the responsibility of all our citizens. It is not only conscious of cleanliness but it should be made a moral habit. He said that along with the cleanliness campaign, there is a need for a second destruction campaign. He said that in a state like Himachal Pradesh, drug addiction is reaching the village from the city and the common man should come forward to fight against the drug, only then governments will be able to control it. Mayor Sathya Kaundal also honored the university students , sanitation workers of AP Shimla varsity by distributing prizes to them and students who are aware about the sanitation system.

AP Goyal Shimla University Registrar Dr. R.K. Kayastha said that cleanliness has been an integral part of Hindu culture, but people leave this culture to the governments and sanitation workers, while the countries of the west are learning from Indian culture and following it in their own countries. The Registrar Dr. Kaistha said that in Indian culture, cleanliness, food and water were considered God and people used to mold it in their daily routine.

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