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Ph.D in Law


(a) Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline with 55% (GEN)/ 50% (SC/ST) marks in aggregate

(b) Other conditions as prescribed guidelines for Degree of Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) Programmes.


A PhD in Law involves in depth research on various issues related with law. This program focuses on legally associated social issues with the intention of providing social justice. It aims to equip research scholars with critical and analytical ability by providing them with theoretical and empirical exposure through comprehensive course work. The research in law enables the students to pursue research in the front line areas of basic law as well as interdisciplinary areas of legal research. Thus, the PhD program produces professional researchers and future leaders of law. The program seeks to prepare the candidates in understanding the advanced nuances of the legal system as well as the existing doctrines. So, if you are planning to apply for this advanced program, then you need to possess a decent legal understanding of business undertakings. The program is the best fit for students who want to be associated with corporate entities.

This programme is for students who value ethics law and principles and are keen to learn how the law regulates the business entities. Students keen to devote their lives to public service can wholeheartedly join this program. Candidates should have a keen interest in law and its various niche. They should have an observational trait to look out for details, good interpersonal skills and the knack to debate. Students who possess the skill of analyzing and interpreting the details in hand, getting to its crux.

Career Prospects

The ability to plan, research and write a sophisticated thesis, including an ability to conduct detailed doctrinal analysis, to think in broad theoretical terms and to engage in empirical research can provide a firm foundation for a career in this field. Here is a list of some of the job positions that a successful PhD holders in law can apply for: • Jurist • Researcher • Lawyer • Solicitor The average salary earned by professionals after the completion of the program ranges from INR 2 to 13 lacs per annum.

Duration: Min 3 Years | Total Fees: 80,000 per year

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