University Campus – Study in the lap of nature – The majestic Himalayas

University Campus – Study in the lap of nature – The majestic Himalayas: The majestic Himalayas are considered as the highest mountain ranges in the world. The name Himalaya comes from the Sanskrit word Hima-laya meaning ‘Abode of snow’, however, over time it has developed into the plural, ‘Himalayas’ because of the presence of multiple mountain ranges. These majestic snow capped mountain peaks are a symbol of beauty and tranquility.

The Himalayas though have been inaccessible but many people have managed to cross it and left traces of their cultures. Magnificent Himalayas embracing the high clouds are great wonders of nature. The mystic beauty of the Indian Himalayas has attracted people from across the globe to experience and explore this beauty of nature. The Himalayas stretch across the north-eastern portion of India and pass through the nations of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan and Nepal.

The Himalayan range comprises of three ranges often referred to as the Greater Himalayas, the Lesser Himalayas, and the Outer Himalayas. It is a source of the three major rivers of the world, namely the Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra and river Yangtze. This mountain range besides being a popular holiday destination is an area of interest for mountaineers to explore the unexplored terrain. An expedition to the Himalayan Mountains has been the ambition of many adventurers of the world. The majestic beauty of these mountains attracts not only human beings but also many other life forms.

People in countries like India consider Himalayas as an ultimate place of worship, meditation, and tranquility and it is often referred as heaven for Gods in Indian epics and mythologies. It has also been cited in scriptures that Himalayas have been home to many Rishis and Saints since early time of the civilization. It has been a place of tourist attraction in the modern world. Therefore, Himalayas have been the subject of extensive research and hold reverence for people of different cultures.

Take a tour of the inspiring Shimla University campus

Perhaps the most appropriate educational environment the world over, the vast, green Himalayan University campus is the dream of college students. While many students waste their college years in celebrating picnics and parties and neglect academics, the Shimla University campus in Shimla is a catalyst to study. The authorities have created an idyllic academic universe where students are encouraged to study and lead productive lives. Needless to say, a distinguished faculty lights the lamps of learning. A well facilitated educational infrastructure ensures that the resident students always have something to occupy their minds with a variety of meaningful community activities. Transport and communication, banking and healthcare facilities lie minutes away.