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Please rate you teachers on a scale of 1 to 7. 1 being the poor and 7 being the excellent.

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Teaching Feedback

Teacher encourages student to ask questions and is approachable age for discussion and question and advise.
The teacher encourages interaction and collaborative work among students
The teacher provides opportunities to talk and write about what students have learnt and to reflect on their learning.
The teacher gives timely feedback on student's work at various points during class and assignments are when handed in.
The teacher has helped students to effectively manage their time by allowing realistic amount of time for tasks assigned.
The teacher assigns various tasks relating to the course of study which require me to do intensive work.
The teacher respects the different backgrounds and the different learning styles of students

Learning Feedback

I clearly understand the intended learning outcome or course outcome of this course as explained to me by the teacher.
The hand outs, reading and other assignment in this course have helped me to learn the subject matter
The lectures, group discussions and other teaching activities in his/her course have helped me to achieve the learning / course outcome
The work assignment in this course were spread-out reasonably
The assignment criteria have been explained to me clearly by the teacher.
The assignment tasks given to me, e.g. assignments, project work, etc. helped me to demonstrate that i have learnt the subject matter in the course.
I feel that i can now explore the subject matter further independently on my own.
I can now apply theoretical knowledge and concepts to the real life cases