Top 10 Reason to Choose AP Goyal Shimla University

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Top 10 Reason to Choose AP Goyal Shimla University

Shimla beats any Indian location by miles and has the perfect natural ambiance for taking up College Programs.

In this millennial population the modern day advancements in the natural evolution of human life has brought about a habit of instant gratification which is a prime reason of impatience and lack of perseverance. An institution that takes you away from the numbing pace of the city life and into the lap of nature adds the very important aspects of calmness and composure and gives our mind the gift of time. This helps in building patience and gathers focus which is the most important ingredient in brewing creativity and planning every career oriented move very carefully in a result oriented direction.

Exemplary top management profiles that makes it a powerful team sculpting the universities future in the most emphatic way possible

The chief governing body has distinct stalwarts like Dr. Ashwani Kumar who is a retired IPS officer and has served as Governor of Manipur and Nagaland as well as DGP of Himachal Pradesh and the Director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CID).He is associated with the University as the PRO-CHANCELLOR. Acting as Chief Mentor to the university is Dr. Binod Kumar, a full bright scholarship holder at the University of Kansas and a Harvard research scholar .He has been associated as Director and HOD in previous assignments at renowned institutions like IIM-C, IMT Ghaziabad and Fore School of Management New Delhi.

A Large variety of programs as the university offers Undergraduate Programs in the fields of Management, Architecture, Law, Hospitality, Journalism and Mass Communication, Fashion and Textile, Applied Science &Research, Hospitality Management and Engineering & Technology.

The university has as many as eight departments offering various UG and PG programs .The typical advantage of studying in a large university with many specializations to choose from almost invariably has a significant number of students which calls for extensive resource allocation to students including libraries, computers, on-campus housing, medical facilities and gym/sports facilities. The placement season attracts a host of industry leaders from different industries to come to the campus which often creates unexpected additional opportunities for students from other departments.

Awarded the ‘best University in the hills 2013-14’ by ASSOCHAM, awarded by KPMG as the fastest growing university of India. 

The fact that the university has been receiving several such awards at in the recent times speaks volumes of the quality of offering that it has been delivering .There is no doubt that with one eye towards the future and intense focus on making the present set the tone it has all the making of becoming a center of excellence in the years to come when it will be a coveted destination for students.

The best in class infrastructure

Awarded ‘Best infrastructure facilities’ by Econs Education clearly instills the grade of infrastructural facilities that are being provided. Modern architectural designs followed by state of the art technology and communications engineering being used in every nook and corner of the campus just makes it a very advanced facility to pursue excellence in any chosen discipline of academics.ICT enabled classrooms, internationally designed modular laboratories, new age tools and machinery in workshops ,e-libraries etc are just a few examples.

International Tie-ups with multiple foreign institutions  

APG Shimla University is also steadily collaborating with globally renowned and prestigious institutions for technology and information exchange .To name a few would be Whitireia  Institute of Technology Auckland( New Zealand), Xinyu University (China), UCAM Catholic University Murcia( Spain), Szent Istvan University (Hungary), China Agricultural University(China), University of Lodz (Poland), University of Maribor (Slovenia) and Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University (Belarus).

Foreign students over 35 percent from over 20 countries 

Not only across the nation but APG Shimla University has laid steps into foreign territory as international students from as many as 19 countries i.e. Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Nigeria, Mongolia, Iraq, Iran, SriLanka, Ethiopia, Uganda, etc. are part of their student fraternity. This provides for excellent cross-country culture to thrive in the classroom and the campus ,giving students an opportunity to learn from a varied selection of outlook and ideas, an international network that can prove life changing in the future which heightened with several new channels of career advancements on a global scale.

Most remarkable placement and corporate cell

The placement cell is very actively participating in bringing in the corporate buzz to the university campus premises through organizing of seminars, guest lectures, international student meets, corporate visits and on-campus placement drives. It also arranges for a host of international recruiters making rounds of recruitment events for the foreign students studying here. This again becomes a golden opportunity for national students to get placed abroad.

One of the few Private Universities with Foreign faculty on board 

Internationally acclaimed names like Prof.Celia Desmond (Ottawa), Prof. David Ross (Queensland, Australia), Prof. Peter Sueve (Czech Republic), etc are part of the faculty team. The inclusion of foreign faculty makes global index of excellence in academics as the key parameter to assess the quality of education that is being provided in the campus perimeter. It adds the international flavor to the methodology of teaching matrix followed by the overall faculty at the university.

Located in Himachal the only state which regulates the working of universities thereby making the process stable, transparent and totally law abiding

Being in a state that regulates the education standards followed in any private or public institution is big bonus for students. The autonomy cherished by most private institutions around the country often leads to irregularities such as unexplained fee hikes, irresponsible way of conducting examinations that are often ill timed, leniency shown in matters of great concern like ragging  etc. Himachal Pradesh govt. makes sure that the education system stays as transparent as possible so that all stake holders reap the benefits on equal terms.