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OVERVIEW Applied Science & Research

School of Applied Science & Research Consists of the following Departments:


Mathematics is a major achievement of the human mind, a subject with its own structure and elegance, worthy of pursuit for its own sake. On the other hand, mathematics has always been used to help us understand the world and the society in which we live, and with the development of the computer, applications of the mathematical methods of thought have become even more prominent.

At A P Goyal Shimla University, we stress the relationship of mathematical thinking to other fields of intellectual and practical endeavor. We emphasize the importance of clear and careful expression to mathematical reasoning and working on projects as part of a team.


The Department of Physics provides high quality physics education, producing well prepared postgraduates & engineers who are confident in their abilities and understanding of physics. The Department of Physics promotes physics research and creative activities of faculty, students and staff. The Department of Physics engages with the University community and the larger community providing greater understanding of the nature of physical science, an appreciation of physics in everyday life, and technical expertise.


The coherent, cohesive and homely environment of the Department is attributed to the students, faculty and staff with tremendous potential and opportunities to grow academically, emotionally and spiritually. The Department started functioning in 2012 for teaching undergraduate (B.Tech) students. M. Sc. Programs were initiated in July 2014. Department is striving to emerge as a premier Centre of Chemistry teaching and research.

Courses offered under Master Programmes are:

Course Offered
Master of Science in Physics (M.Sc – Physics) 30 2 Yrs
Master of Science in Chemistry (M.Sc -Chemistry) 30 2 Yrs
Master Of science in Mathemathics(M.Sc- Mathematics) 30 2 Yrs
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