Management studies is the 'Icing on the cake', sought by individuals from all streams of professional education. If you want to manage somebody, manage yourself. Management is all about controlling, guiding, mentoring and leading a team or group to get common goals. A P Goyal Shimla University (AGU), School of Management, aims to deliver future leaders to the world of Enterprise. Our programs have been designed to equip graduates with a broad knowledge base, skills and capabilities to face challenges at the work place. We focus on providing the theoretical and practical learning to enable the application of Management Principles, Tools and Techniques. Our School of Management excels in Research and Application oriented teaching in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and International Business. A good awareness of Regulations and Laws enforced by various governing bodies is incorporated into our curriculum. We strive to groom our students in work and life skills to enhance their ability to take on their professional life with ease and confidence. We train them for CEO positions by adopting the Case study methodology and imparting the essence of the subject via practical simulation exercises. Internships at reputed organization provide our students the hands on exposure and make them Industry ready. In Management, we are offering Bachelor and Master programmes.

In Bachelor Programmes we are offering following degrees :

Course Offered Seats Duration
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 120 3 Yrs
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) 60 3 Yrs

In Master Programmes, we are offering the following degrees:

Course Offered Seats Duration
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 120 2 Yrs