Committees at AGU

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Most of the life’s transitions happen in the college life,where students learn, grow, and become mature to face the corporate world. This is the place that carves their careers and lives ahead. Students are hence expected torespect their duties, maintain their code of conduct, and aptly utilize their freedomwith a sense of responsibility. For the development of students in the right direction, to assist them for the professional worldahead, and to protect them from falling prey to any ill conducts, it becomes important on the part of educational institutions to maintain committees that benefit the students as well as the institution for betterment. College committees provide students with experience, personality development, social responsibility, networking, and career opportunities.

We, at the A.P. Goyal Shimla University, have constituted various committees that dedicatedly work towards the benefit and progress of our students and also the university alike:

  • Employment Information &Career Counseling Cell (Placement Cell)
  • Sexual Harassment (Women) Cell
  • Anti-Ragging Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • IQAC Cell
  • Mess Committee

Employment Information &Career Counseling Cell (Placement Cell):

The Placement Cell at the A.P. Goyal Shimla University takes complete care of the students’ career by laying out the placement process with the company. Students are provided with thorough pre-placement training so as to enhance their abilities for grabbing the best of job opportunities coming their way, either through university’s placement drives or otherwise. The Special pre-placement training programs organized at the university encompass mock interviews, personality development programs, specialization workshops, and a lot more, that are focused to help the students grasp the finest of careeropenings from the leading companies.

The Placement Cell at A.P. Goyal University is governed by the following board members:

  • Dr. Ekta Goyal             Chairperson
  • Dr. Sonu Kumar   Member
  • Aditi Sharma             Member

Sexual Harassment (Women) Cell

Protection from sexual harassment is a basic human right. At A.P. Goyal University, we have created a dedicated Sexual Harassment Cell to ensure a harassment-free environment for women in the campus. The committee is constituted by the Vice Chancellor of A.P. Goyal Shimla University to address grievances or any harassment complaints. The committee is receptive to all the complaints and strives to eliminate any form of discrimination against women.

The team comprising our Sexual Harassment Cell includes board members, teachers, and students, who see to it that all the complaints concerning sexual harassment matters are well heard and aptly resolved.

1.      Ms. Jyotsna Gautam ACOE Chairperson
2.      Mr. Rajan Sehgal Registrar Member (Ex Officio)
3.      Dr. MuneeshSethi Dean Engg Member
4.      Prof. Rajneesh Thapar Professor Member
5.      Dr. R.K. Singh Associate Professor Member
6.      Mr. Chetan Mehta Associate Professor Member
7.      Ms. Panshu Sharma Associate Professor Member
8.      Ms. KushaPandit Associate Professor Member
9.      Ms. Sai Vandana Chauhan Associate Professor Member
10.  Ms. Sneh Negi Ashadeep (NGO) Shimla Member
11.  Ms. Ayushi Dogra Student (B.Arch) Member
12.  Mr. Gourav Sharma Student (MBA II Year) Member
13.  Dr. Babita Chandel Asst. Registrar (Academics) Member Secy

Anti-Ragging Committee:

Ragging or bullying somebody is unarguably a disorderly conduct and a punishable offence. The Anti-Ragging Cell at the A.P. Goyal University comprises of the Vice Chancellor, Dean, and various staff members. We strive to prevent, prohibit, and eliminate the scourge of ragging in all forms, both inside or outside the campus. The committee is vigilant in patrolling and observing activities within the campus/hostels to ensure safety of the students. They are also empowered to conduct inspections then and there to the raised concerns. The anti-ragging squad is deemed to take necessary steps against any perpetratorand are allotted with duties to take precautionsto avoid any sort of ragging activities. In case you witness any form of ragging or bullying events happening at the university, do take the lead to inform any of the members of our Anti-ragging squad listed below. An immediate action will be assuredly taken.

1.      Dr. Tej Partap Vice Chencellor Chairperson
2.      Mr. Rajan Sehgal Registrar Member Secy
3.      Dr. MuneeshSethi Dean Engg. Member
4.      Ms. Jyotsna Gautam ACOE Member
5.      Prof. Rajneesh Thapar Professor Member
6.      Dr. Sanjeev Sharma Professor (Applied Science) Member
7.      Dr. R.K. Singh HOD Law Member
8.      Dr. Sunil Thakur Associate Professor Member
9.      Mr. Anand Mohan Sharma Associate Professor Member
10.  Mr. Robin Mahajan Assistant Professor Member
11.  Ms. Nancy Sevian Assistant Professor Member

Disciplinary Committee

The disciplinary committee at the A.P. Goyal Shimla University aims to create a safe and amicable learning environmentwhere there is discipline in the air.The committee encourages and ensures that the students respect and implement the provisions of the Code of Ethicslaid by the university. It frames the disciplinary rules and regulations that are necessary to create a positive environment for learning and make sure that all students are aware of them and stick to them. The committee also takes timely measures against any act of indiscipline or inappropriate behavior through suspension and expulsion,whenever and wherever necessary.

1.      Dr. R K Singh HOD Law Chairman
2.      Mr. Anand Mohan Sharma HOD (EE) Member
3.      Mr. Chetan Mehta HOD (HM) Member
4.      Mr. Rahul Berry Assistant Professor Member
5.      Ms. Niyamat Malik Assistant Professor Member

 The Internal Quality Assurance Cell at the A.P. Goyal Shimla University is established as a post-accreditation quality sustenance initiative to improve the overall academic and administrative performance of the university. The cell promotes various measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best academic practices to stay consistent with the international standards.


The members of the IQAC cell are nominated for a period of two years. IQAC ensures efficient, timely, and progressive performance with optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning.

The Chancellor has constituted the IQAC for the quality assurance of the university.

1.      Dr. R K Singh HOD Law Chairman
2.      Mr. Anand Mohan Sharma HOD (EE) Member
4.      Mr. Chetan Mehta HOD (HM) Member
5.      Mr. Rahul Berry Assistant Professor Member
6.      Ms. Niyamat Malik Assistant Professor Member
1.      Dr. Tej Partapl Vice Chancellor Chairman
2.      Mr. Rajan Sehgal Registrar Member
3.      Mrs. Jyotsana Gautam Dy. Director Administration Member
5.      Dr. Ramesh Chauhan HOD (MMC) Member
6.      Dr. Chetan Mehta HOD (HM) Member
7.      Mr. Prem Ankoor HOD (Architecture) Member
8.      Dr. Sanjeev Sharma HOD (Applied Science) Member
9.      Mr. Vishal Chauhan AP (Management) Member

Mess Committee

The Mess Committee at the A.P. Goyal University takes complete care of the hostel cleanliness and food safety, which are the basic needs for students. The commit supervise the facilities and keep a close eye on the quality of food served in the mess, cafeteria, and hostel. Complaints of students regarding mess facilities are aptlylooked at and necessary steps are immediately taken to resolve the issues and concerns. The committee is formulated to regulate and conduct quality checks on a regular basison thequality, quantity, and the hygiene of the food servedin the mess. The team also takes care of the overall infrastructure of the mess andcafe, utensils, and water requirements.

The members are expected to submit monthly reports and are entitled to taste different cuisines to check the quality of the food. The committee comprises of the following members:


  1. Mr. Rajesh Thakur (+91 70189 89152)
  2. Dr. Sanjeev sharma
  3. Ms. Neelam Thakur
  4. Mr. Snchit Chauhan
  5. Ms. Niyamat Malik

The committee works under the leadership of Shadab Hassan Khan with close coordination of the Chief Warden.

Students (Boys and Girls)

  1. Manika (LLB 3rd Year)
  2. Mansi Chauhan (B-Arch. 2nd year)
  3. Satish Kumar Verma (B.Tech CE 4th year)
  4. Asif Ali (B.Tech ME 4th year)
  5. Alish Regmi (B.Tech ME 1st Year) (International student)

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