executive directors message

Ms. Priyanka Goyal

Executive Director

"I would like to welcome you to AP Goyal Shimla University. Located in the scenic mountains of the Himalayas, AP Goyal Shimla University indefatigably strives to provide its students with a world-class education in an environment of creativity and tranquility.
What is fundamentally unique about AAP Goyal Shimla University is our holistic teaching philosophy: we do not think that the mind exists as an independent entity, but, rather, as an indivisible part of a more complex whole. This is why we believe that it is just as important to exercise the body and spirit as well. We also unwaveringly believe that gaining knowledge of just one particular subject is not enough in today's hyper competitive world. Hence, besides providing its students with a faculty par excellence, AP Goyal Shimla University also offers yoga classes and breathing technique tutorials along with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of foreign language options. AP Goyal Shimla University has also integrated music therapy into its curriculum.
It is easy to become intellectual, but equally difficult to become a good human being, thus, we at AP Goyal Shimla University, strive to bring out a responsible human being among our children.
I hope that you choose to take this journey with us and join the AP Goyal Shimla family."