Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University



Diploma in Yoga Sciences.


Pass with 50% (GEN) / 45% (SC/ST) aggregate marks in Bachelor’s degree (any Discipline) or equivalent.


Yoga is an integral part of the Indian society. This spiritually boosting exercise originated in ancient India. Yoga is also known to act as a substitute for medicine around the world. Regular Yoga practice helps in treating a vast number of disorders in human body. It helps in the prevention of various diseases like cancer, asthma, thyroid, depression, kidney diseases etc. Yoga helps in overcoming emotional, mental and physical distress as it infuses positivity in the body, mind and soul. Over the years, yoga emerged as one of the most popular physical exercises across the world. This propagated formal study in the field of yoga. PG Diploma in Yoga Studies is a two-year postgraduate degree programs which helps the student in acquiring complete knowledge about yoga and unlock the miracles hidden in the asanas of yoga. PG Diploma in Yoga involves Diploma level Yoga and Naturopathy program. The program teaches and prepares the aspiring students in the various aspects of Yoga, which deals with the problems of integration of personality as an initial step to set oneself up for the higher exclusive practices. PG Diploma in Yoga Studies is also available in Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University, Himachal Pradesh [APGSU]. Shimla is known for its beautiful greenery and sanity. Such an environment is best suited for learning and practicing yoga. It involves scientific attitudes and services of yoga therapy to the common man. The program focuses on principles of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Astrology. The diploma at APGSU aims to promote good health and reduction of stress, resulting in a healthy lifestyle. The skill of practicing yoga is imbibed into the students which help them at personal and professional levels.

Career Prospects

In the 21st century, people are heading towards an extremely unhealthy lifestyle .The health has slightly taken a backseat in everyone’s life. 9 to 5 jobs are constantly interrupting the wellbeing of the person. In this chaotic world, yoga comes to the rescue. Practicing yoga soothes the mind and body, acting as a ray of hope towards a better lifestyle. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for a yoga enthusiast in Colleges & Universities, Health Clubs, Government Hospitals, Private Clinics, Sports Clubs, Resorts & Hotels, wellness centres, fitness hub, gyms etc. Big celebrities and renowned faces can be seen keeping themselves fit and stress free by hiring personal yoga instructor. A yoga professional can seek jobs in both government and the private sector. Candidates can also achieve self-employment by opening their own yoga centre. Yoga also leads to various job opportunities in fields such as management, research, hospital, administrative, academic, consultation, etc. The government in India has now made it compulsory to have a Yoga teacher in every school. A yoga studies graduate can easily earn around INR 2 to 8 Lakhs per annum depending on the skills and experience of the student. The top position where a postgraduate in yoga can apply for jobs include: Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor Yoga Teacher Clinical Psychologist Yoga Aerobic Instructor Yoga Advisor Yoga Therapist Trainer Top recruiting firms: ESIC General Hospital Naroda Ahmedabad Hyatt Hotels Corporation Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy

Duration: 1 Year | Total Fees: 25,000 per year