Professionalism with training

Theoretical and practical Training forms an integral part of the Hotel Management curriculum which is specially designed for the future Hotelier. The students are required to undergo 20 weeks Industrial Training and six months practical on the job training in the leading chains of the country during the course.


Basic Training Kitchen (BTK)

No one can be a chef without burning his finger on ranges. The faculty of AGU Shimla University takes care to develop students into becoming chef of the industry. The lab is equipped with Modern Ranges, Mixer and workstation etc.

Having mastered the basic cooking specialization in the art of cooking the kitchen boasts the advanced and sophisticated equipments which effectively help in carrying out demonstration and practical. Cuisine practical hand on Continental, Indian and Chinese along with the Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Mexican and Scandinavian are performed.

Bakery and confectionary

The lab is equipped with the latest equipments needed in a commercial bakery. Breads, cakes, pastries, desserts, chocolates and many more is being taught to make the students a future patisserie chef.

Training Restaurant & Bar

Schools of hospitality have a well equipped training restaurant & bar, to Train & mold the future F7B service professionals. Special theme rotes, along with the regular service practical’s are emphasized to make a student expert in guest relation, pressure handling &daily wear &tear of the F&B service department.

Housekeeping Lab

The housekeeping lab provides students to know the essentials of cleanliness and all the ancillary service attached to it. To make it more realistic as possible, the rooms are occupied by faculty or guests visiting the institute. With the help of our mini Laundry, the students will have an idea of the Laundry Operation in a hotel.

Front Office Lab

A mock front desk, bell desk and reservation desk helps students to simulate front office Environment. It also provides students with inputs on the Front of the house operations, with a fully functional reception, lobby and guest seating areas.