Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology

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At A P Goyal Shimla University, IT-Department is integrated to all the Schools. It ensures that faculty; students and staff members have the information technology tools and infrastructure necessary to carry out the University’s mission. The IT infrastructure includes:

  • 10 Servers
  • More than 100 Network support devices
  • More than 500 Workstations
  • Different IT Laboratories like Programming, internet, database and Advanced Computing.

IT Department also supports software environment to ensure that computers, network and internet services efficiently contribute to the learning, teaching, research, administration and support activities for all members of the University. AP Goyal Shimla University- IT Department is maintaining 6 servers and providing a wide range of IT services to over 800 active students, 150 faculty and administrative staff members. These services include:

  • Wired and Wireless Network Management
  • IT tools and Infrastructure Maintenance.
  • University ERP System and Data Management.
  • Application and Hardware Support.
  • External support to all departments regarding IT tool handling.