Industry Oriented Curriculum And Teaching

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Teaching is the process of imparting knowledge and research is the process of continuous learning, exploring new ideas and turning these ideas into reality by developing systems. So for the better impartment of knowledge, teaching should be mixed with research so that new facts, principles and techniques can be added in it. No doubt, imparting knowledge is still considered as a major part, but great are the nations which give more importance to research. We all know India is good at imparting education and still there is a need to enhance the research at the lowest level of curriculum so that the students can meet the industrial standards.

Since A P Goyal Shimla University has been promoted by the Group of Industrialists/Corporate Houses it also has an edge over others with its Practical Knowledge and Training expertise. At A P Goyal Shimla University a Student would learn things which people would learn only after getting Jobs and hence would be better accepted in the Industry and Trade alike. Teaching at A P Goyal Shimla University is highly practical and focused on what the industry needs as it is evolved through constant interaction with leading professionals who are a part of the Industry and Academic Advisory Boards. The thorough meetings of Board of studies and invaluable inputs from the members of our academic council help us to develop an industry oriented curriculum for our students.

The curriculum being employed by A P Goyal Shimla University relies heavily and mainly on industries requirements for Skilled Manpower; and subsequently our Students transform into developed and highly skilled professionals and persons who understand the importance of Purpose, Patience, Pride and Perspective.

At A P Goyal Shimla University, the Curriculum for all streams gets headway start, thanks to the industry-oriented invaluable inputs from ex-IITians, IIM pass outs and also many Government including Delhi university academicians. In other words, our innovative and rigorous curriculum is developed by the top academia and renowned personalities in India as well as abroad.