From the Desk of Placement Committee

The technological revolution and the forces of globalization have changed functionality of organizations in the recent years. The present business scenario is going through turbulent times. Industry today needs is of managers who are capable, adaptable, competent, diligent and creative and committed. We at AGU endeavors to enable our students to move forward confidently; to embrace change rather than follow; to innovate rather than remain stagnant and to initiate rather than respond and thereby to become competent managers and dynamic entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing economic and industrial environment, also students are well grounded and ready to take the challenges, head on. Their unique cultural orientations and diverse regional affiliations make them develop distinctive managerial solutions with a thrust on ethics and values which is imperative in the present times. We solicit your cooperation in our attempt to create knowledge society that fortifies the intellectual, physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of individuals for holistic development. You are cordially invited to our campus to interact with our new age Professional managers and assess their skills to assist helping your organizations grow perpetually. To create leaders who inspire a vision, winners who set positive paradigm of action and achievers who have the will and strength to make the difference.