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AP Goyal Shimla University promotes career dreams in Applied Science and Research

An ample choice of stunning careers makes AP Goyal Shimla University the best venue for higher education in Northern India. The tranquility of the Himalayan Mountain ranges in the lap of nature in Himachal Pradesh state of India would be inspiring enough. Shimla is often referred to as the queen of the hills and served as the summer capital during the prolonged British presence. Immense job opportunities in the capital region of Delhi and the adjoining states motivate professional careers that reflect the truths of the industries.

In recent decades, India has opened up to the world in terms of media, software, manufacturing, telecommunications and the services sector. Along with China, India is one of the largest economies. In the field of education, hundreds of colleges in India host a large number of foreign students. In terms of foreign student strength, America, India and China are some of the most preferred destinations. Why don’t you join the many students whose dreams center upon the campus, faculty, infrastructure and placements that AP Goyal Shimla University provides each year?

Each aspect of the contemporary world reminds that science and industry, technology and software form the core of our existence today. History, geography and mythology may be older fields of study but almost everything that exists around us was created by the wonders of science.

  • School of Engineering & Technology
  • Applied Science & Research
  • School of Architecture & Planning

The remaining five schools are:

  • School of Law
  • School of Fashion & Textiles
  • Management
  • Hospitality
  • Journalism & Mass Communications

Career Choices

Depending upon interests and aptitudes, academic performance and entrance tests, the admission into a relevant course would be arranged. Don’t rush into it, but think carefully of career prospects and what aims and goals you wish to pursue in life. Some decades into the future, would your interests be sustained? Would you like to work in India or abroad? Make sure that you give back to the society that supported you and include charitable duties as a duty besides raising a family. All that may seem very daunting but parents, teachers and counselors help guide the students along the right academic and career paths.

The campus world class infrastructure

The academic and administrative blocks are located in the most alluring picturesque surroundings where the pollution-free winds blow luckily. A place for dreams to come true! The hostel with the mess and cafeteria, transport and medical facility remain on standby at all times. Banking and ATM along with the sports and gym facilities make sure that it is an active and vigorous student life that is essential for successful studies.

Study in a fully Wi-Fi enabled vast campus has no ending. The Central Library brings together all the physical and online learning resources that can be imagined. The auditorium and amphitheater are geared to student activities with modern sound and lighting equipment where many a stage is set for student achievement. Multimedia interactive sessions in the class with LCD projectors get the boys and girls off to a flying start in the search for knowledge and professional success.

Applied Science & Research

Engineering and Medicine attract thousands of boys and girls each year, but now there seems to be too many engineers and doctors. Still, populations are constantly increasing and cities are getting bigger, the housing and healthcare infrastructure is widening. Jobs will always be available for the gifted and dedicated doctors and engineers.

Research in science and technology supports the flourishing industries. The Applied Science & Research department runs Masters of Science programs of two year durations in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, accepting 30 students in each subject. In other words, you need to be a graduate in order to enter a masters course.

A passion and a dream are essential to success in any field or profession. The process starts during the higher study itself when the foundation of professional life is laid. In good institutions, the curriculum and the syllabus tally with the real conditions in the industry where you will work after studies. Besides personality building and career advice like preparing resumes and appearing for interviews, the course puts you in tandem with career requirements.  The faculty like the wise parents shows you what to do and where to turn in the search for success.

Apprenticeships, field visits, committees and guest speakers gradually develop the working and teamwork skills. The path over four semesters may not be easy, but students need to cope with the busy life of activities, both academic and practical.

Some Career Opportunities

Students in love with research may spend all their lives doing it! Some do pursue a doctorate in the subject that leads to a Ph.D. that could lead to a teaching career too. B.Ed or M.Ed degrees also lead to teaching careers.


Some professional areas would be nuclear engineering, space and atmospheric research, acoustic and petroleum explorations. Computer science and biophysics need physics postgraduates. Universities, national laboratories and industries like electronics and instrumentation, noise pollution, sound recording, film production would employ physics majors.


Jobs are available in Chemical Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Production, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals/Drugs, Plastics and Cement Industries, among many others. Chemists also work in Forensic Investigation and Mineral Analysis, Public Health, Water and Air Quality Management etc.


Computers and automation require mathematics majors. Biological and social sciences, finance and business management need them. Actuarial science, Information technology and computing, and Business management are some other areas.

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