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7 reasons for choosing Interior designing course at AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY

The passion towards creating elegant spaces is the starting point for interior designing courses. The professional guidance will enhance the practical knowledge of an individual in interior designing.

The interior designing is one of the most creative professions for those who transform the ordinary space into elegant rooms. The interior designing is the combination of creativity as well as technical skills. The technical skill includes the drawing in software, using designing tools and marketing services of interior designing in a digital world. Thus, interior designing become most preferring course among the students.

Interior design is congenital, understands of space, and enjoys the challenges involved in the design. The creativities are an inspiration and attract at every place. The decorators are fond of playing with colors and fabric designs whereas the designers are well versatile in the industry with new technology to implement their creativities. Thus, designers are associated with an accredited degree with reputed and recognized universities.

Why you have to choose the interior designing courses?

Creativity and development of skill:

The creativity of an individual enhanced through an interior designing career with getting a continuous opportunity to work.

Different exposure:

The interior designing provides varied designing projects from restaurants to offices. Even it includes the homes of an individual who wants to decorate the home to reflect their taste. Therefore, the interior designer will get different clients with varied tastes, goals, and budgets.

A team building:

The teamwork of interior designing is started by architects, engineer, vendors, contractors, and ends with clients. Thus, social interaction will make a strong team spirit among the members.

Challenging job:

Interior designing is one of the most challenging jobs. It gives an opportunity to face challenges with available resources, on time services, cost-effective and expectation of clients. The smooth bond between a client and designer requires for tackle the challenges in a workspace.

Booming industry:

The interior designing become a booming career that provides a wide range of opportunity to show the talent. The individual identity reflects in his/her home design. However, nowadays comfortable and luxury is one of the parts of living space that led to increase in need of interior designers. Thus, it is a right time to move in a smart career like interior designing.

Be an own business and boss:

The interior designing is a combination of both inside and outside work. It may comprise of intensive travel at one time and sometimes have to work in the office. The fusion of work will not be desk job always. Hence, it is suitable for the person who wants both combinations of inside and outside works.

Career satisfaction:

Direct dealing with customers will provide a job satisfaction. The interior designer will work according to the clients need at fewer conflicts environment. Thus, client’s appreciation will provide a job satisfaction as well as encourage moving forward with the success.

Why do we have to choose an interior designing course at AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY?

The AP Goyal Shimla University offers full-time Bachelor of Design – B.Des for four years. The B.Des is one of the best basic courses in interior design. The total duration of the course is four years that comprise of 8 semesters and each semester with duration of 6 months. After completion of four years, Bachelor’s degree awarded with valid certification that will make a great support in the career of interior designing.

The AP Goyal Shimla University also offers advanced programs or diploma programs in interior design course for aspirants who do not opt for degree course of four years. This course offered to a graduate who pursues a degree in any stream. Architectures and engineers can also get a certificate in this diploma course for adding up their skill in designing industry.

The AP Goyal Shimla University offers a certificate from National Council for Interior Decoration. The work permit is compulsory for an interior decoration in some countries. To obtain licensing, the student has to undergo internship for gaining a practical knowledge in their fields. The licensing procedures include on the job training, work experience, written test, and practical test. However, the licensing procedures may vary from country to country; even it may vary from state to state.

AP Goyal Shimla University has well-trained faculty members who enrich the course in the global markets. The best guidance from faculty members contributes a good designer to the world.


The B.Des is suitable for any individual who has completed the class 12 from a recognized institution. The applicant can join this course without any entrance exam. The selections of candidates are purely on merit basis. The advanced diploma program needs a bachelor degree in any stream from recognized university. This course will develop the additional skill of an engineer and architecture.

The AP Goyal Shimla University support and help their students when it comes to generating the ideas related to career.

 Let us join the course and enjoy the career in interior design.

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