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Express creativity in architecture and communication courses at AP Goyal Shimla University

The acquisition of higher education degrees can be a challenging and complex process, and a bit of a gamble too. The uncertainty is that the professional courses may not lead to the promised apprenticeships and placements. In many cases, among educational institutions in India, the global standards are lacking and it is more of a theoretical education without practical training and personal development. The quality of the curriculum and the delivery by dedicated and experienced faculty matter more than anything else. An elaborate digital infrastructure and networks across the world would ensure that international exposure is achieved. Links with institutions abroad and accreditations with Indian ministries and organizations ensure that the education is moving in the right direction.

AP Goyal Shimla University has already achieved tremendous success through dedication to the noble cause of education during a short period of a decade. The ten schools of dynamic learning, training and placements include:

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Law
  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Management
  • Hospitality
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Applied Science and Research

Creativity and Innovation

Many people feel and it is very true that human existence has become very technological with no creative expression. It seems that the human spirit has been stifled by excessive industry and gadgets on a large scale in everyday life. It does appear that we have become victims of machines as depicted in movies and storybooks. Every shop and office, home and industry is quite dependent upon computers and machines for every small task. If they are out of order, all work comes to a standstill.

While initiative, creativity and innovation do apply to any field you work in, some professions like architecture and communications enable you to express artistic values in a greater sense. Designing buildings according to different traditions and media expression over television and the internet, music and movies are certainly adventure filled. It is quite a challenge to build cities in environmentally friendly ways with greenery as a part of the urban landscape. Green constructions may ensure the survival of the planet into the future generations.

Consider the universal applications and relevance of the media in all its forms on a daily basis! It is all terribly competitive but exciting and interesting too. Compared to the past, the global media has invaded the remote regions of India and even village homes are exposed to the power of the internet and possess cable television. Awareness and understanding of life and culture, religions and politics, fashions and industry have dawned and a greater urge to accept challenges on a greater scale is realized.

An architect’s career

Cities do appear like dreams that have been built over perhaps decades or centuries!  Residences and offices need to be more than living and working spaces in the 21st century environment when life has changed so much through technology.  Each day, hundreds of constructions are being built and each of them has a designer. It seems easy that architects use CAD to design buildings on computers but the truth is different. An architect is involved with all the stages of the construction of the building.

Though architects like very profession must follow accepted techniques and designs, they can be creative and innovative. Huge constructions particularly require enormous skill and global designs are being followed along with green policies. Remember the names of immortal architects who were responsible for designing the capital Delhi for instance.

AP Goyal Shimla University School of Architecture & Planning resources

  1. Architecture students have access to two workshops, one for Carpentry and the other for Model Making. Several laboratories facilitate a range of work. They are Surveying Lab, Building Construction & Materials Lab, Climate & Energy Lab, Art and Graphics Lab, Reprography Lab and Computer Lab. Architecture has a separate departmental library with the latest text books and management journals. Online resources are very important and always available.

AP Goyal Shimla University School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Conducting graduate and postgraduate courses in JMC (journalism and mass communications), students have the choice to enter the field of media that appeals to them. Whether it is film or television, internet or the print media, a lot of openings exist but the field is very competitive too in locations like Delhi. We can well imagine how many media branches exist and how many students are actively competing for the few positions available.

Every job requires a commitment and a skill, and media professionals remain on top of the game and accept challenging and sometimes dangerous assignments. A stay at home cannot succeed and the world media reminds that you need to travel far in search of professional success.

The world class infrastructure at the university ensures that students remain up to date with all their learning activities. The campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled, along with an auditorium and amphitheater with developed infrastructure to support programs and develop self-expression. The LCD projectors in classrooms enable multimedia and interactive study sessions. AP Goyal Shimla University ensures excellent professional futures. Dive into the competition and hope for the best.

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